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Lead Capture Websites. Designed for results.
Lead Capture Websites. Designed for results.

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The team at Kayak empowers you and your team to succeed via online marketing and a search optimized, lead capture website.

We believe that the best way to build a better business website that works for you is by working with you. So when you work with us, you actually work with us – through every step of the process.

You’ll never be presented with a proposal and menu of options to choose from because you’ll be working right alongside us to determine the right solutions for your business.

Depending on your timeline, your budget and your business goals, we can approach your project so many different ways. The attached graph illustrates how 3 different approaches each work to build your presence online.

Feel free to wander around our site. Check out our work and unique inbound process, review our case studies, and see what our clients and partners have to say. We’ll be here when you’re ready to talk.

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Please reach out to Danny or myself any time!
JUNE 25, 2017

Dana Corkey and I am excited to announce that Danny Brown, previously of Ontario Lotteries, and co-author of Influence Marketing, has joined +KAYAK Online Marketing as Director, Brand Strategy.

As a performance marketer with over 20 years experience (including 15 years of online marketing), Danny brings a wealth of expertise to Kayak and our clients.

Having worked on major accounts such as BlackBerry, HP Canada, Scotiabank, Ford Canada, as well as countless start-ups and entrepreneurs to create their marketing strategies, Danny's transition back to private business couldn't be better timing as Kayak, a 2013 Small Business of the Year finalist, is positioned to surge out of the recession having landed several notable accounts this year.

Danny and Kayak CEO Randy Milanovic have known each other personally for several years, and their mutual respect of each other's achievements make this a natural fit.

With the addition of Danny to our already-stellar team, the future looks bright as we work to grow our clients businesses and deliver first class services paired with holistic strategic advice.

To congratulate Danny, to chat with Dana or I, or inquire about how our expanding team can help your business succeed, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Randy Milanovic, CEO

403-228-2525 main
855-228-2525 toll-free US/Canada

+HubSpot Certified Partner Agency


"Here, Danny and myself sandwich Sam Fiorella, co-founder (with Danny, and Canadian marketer Robert Clarke) of The Friendship Bench initiative, helping remove the stigma around youth mental health and teen depression."

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Facebook algo working to spoil the clickbait headline strategy (yay!) 

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Voice search study by Dr Pete. 
Dr. Pete endured two days of manually spoken voice searches, possible spider hallucinations, and a scratchy throat to bring you this blog post.

One thousand voice searches later, you can reap the benefits of his Google Home research. What patterns are apparent across voice searches? How does Google Home shorten featured snippets for speech? Which verticals should be paying close attention to the trajectory of voice search and what special situations crop up?

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Only the best from +Rand Fishkin at +Moz 
Do you ever get stuck trying to come up with ideas for blog posts that'll really resonate with your audiences? If so, we've got the ticket: In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand offers six different paths to find the right topics.

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Want to rank images? 
Image SEO is nothing to be trifled with: a whopping 1/3 of all Google searches are performed in Image Search, and more than 12% of web SERPs include an Image Pack. Rand goes all-out in this Whiteboard Friday to share everything you need to know about SEO for visuals, graphics, and photos.

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Silence is golden. 
Taking time for silence restores the nervous system, helps sustain energy, and conditions our minds to be more adaptive and responsive to the complex environments in which so many of us now live, work, and lead.

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The fact of the matter is we all hold onto biases without ever being aware of them in the first place. By the time we have a thought, the bias is already cooked in. That’s what makes them so insidious.

"The amygdalae (there are two) are key in the formation and storage of emotional memories." +Andy Crestodina 
Not biassed? Think again...every thought that arrives at your conscious mind may or may not be accurate. 

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The first in a series about biases in marketing and business relationships. Please check it out and consider subscribing. Lots of great articles to come. Inspired by a Hangout with +Andy Crestodina 
Not biassed? Think again...every thought that arrives at your conscious mind may or may not be accurate. 

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Worth picking up. 
So, Today This Happened

The galleys came through. :) I love the look and feel of The Sniper Mind. Amazon currently has a special offer for pre-orders at 36% off ( I will be releasing a lot more details and original content this week. 
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