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Kay Urban
Rule #32, everything can be expressed with a picture!
Rule #32, everything can be expressed with a picture!

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Thinking about getting a 5X now, any thoughts?

So hello folks :)

I have a Nexus 5 right now, that is slowly dying, but at least still going. I wanted to upgrade to the Pixel, and while I stile think I would absolutly love the phone, the model I want doesn't just cost over 1000€, it's also not even available anymore.

So my thought was to pause buying one and waiting for next year's model, where i hopefully have the money and it has a bit more inspired industrial design.

But what to do in the meantime? I really need a phone with a good camera, especially when I am going on holiday next year. I do have my DSLR, but rarely use it, because let's be honest, the use case in terms of holiday pics is pretty narrow to carry that thing with me. I want not just vanilla Android, but also would love to have fast updates, or best, a beta program.

Here in germany, the 32GB version is 270€, which I find reasonable for such a great display, a great camera and wonderful software. My question is: Do you think I am making the right choice? Is the battery life at least a bit of a step up from the OG 5? Should I have concerns about the 808?

Is there anything else really wonky I should know about? Thanks :)

People who used a 5X. Do you like it? Currently thinking of getting one, because the Pixel is a bit too expensive and will not come down in price it seems.

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So, I wanna start developing my own app. I have designed stuff in the past, but not quite as efficient as I had hoped. So my question is:

Can you direct me to a great guide on how and where to start? That involves Wireframing and stencils, how to use it in Photoshop, how to write what code etc?

That would be fantastic :) I know these guides exist, but it's not easy to find them.

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Is there a reason why we do not have native High DPI mode in Chrome for Windows yet? I have a 4K screen and Chrome looks like well, excrement?
+François Beaufort

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Gerade Majiid Nawaz ist sehr interessant. Wer ein wenig Zeit hat.
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