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How can I make emacs reread multiple TAGS files?

I do 

(setq tags-table-list `("~/.emacs.d" ,project-root)) 
to list multiple TAGS file locations.

I used to use (visit-tags-table) function to reread the TAGS file. But doing so sets the global symbol tags-table-file. And that can't be set when you want to use tags-table-list.

So as I can't use the (visit-tags-table) function, what's the other option?

Here's my ctags setup for reference:

I figured out the answer to my question. Once you list the dirs containing TAGS files in tags-table-list, emacs tries to reread those files when you do a tag find (either the default find-tag or through 3rd party packages like etags-select or helm-etags+). You don't have to call any function to do the rereading. For convenience that are certain global symbols whose values can be set so that emacs doesn't wait for your confirmation to reread a changed TAGS file, doesn't warn that the TAGS file is too large.
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+bin chen As I have mentioned in my post, I am already using tags-table-list and I have also posted the link to its documentation from that you mentioned.

My question is: how to make emacs reread multiple TAGS files? Just setting tags-table-list does the job?

If I had to deal with just one tag file, the visit-tags-table did the job of rereading. I was wondering is there is something similar for multiple TAGS files.

I realized that I don't need to do anything special for emacs to reread the TAGS files.
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Kaushal Modi

Business Calendar  - 
+Gabriel Ittner I am getting repeated force closures when opening the app after the last beta update. Surprinsingly the widget was showing the events but the app crashed when opened using the widget or app drawer. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still I am unable to open the app. I am running the latest Paranoid Android 4.0 beta ROM on Nexus 4.
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I get this force close when I enable the Swipe Back Xposed module and try to open Business Calendar. 
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Kaushal Modi

Customization  - 
Hi everyone, I would like to share my emacs config with you all. It is a blend of tips from +Bozhidar Batsov +bin chen +Sacha Chua +Magnar Sveen +Artur Malabarba , many others and few of my own little scripts.
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This configuration is very  very nice!
It's very usable and not complicated at all.
Very good job!
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Need help building latest emacs from github emacs-master

I was able to use to create configure. I am installing emacs in a custom path as I am doing it at work and I don't have admin rights.

So I modified src/ and replaced all instances of /usr/local with $HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH> and ran ./configure -prefix=$HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH>

This technique helps me build the 24.3 version successfully.

But for the latest dev version (24.3.50), after ./configure -prefix=$HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH>, on doing make, it breaks because of not finding PixelSetMagickColor .

So I did  ./configure -prefix=$HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH> --without-imagemagick

After that make and make install worked but none of the themes show the colors. e.g. my default theme zenburn..

+Bozhidar Batsov Does the theme rely on ImageMagick? Looks like zenburn loaded but the background stayed the default white. The Messages window didn't show any errors either.

So then I installed ImageMagick 6.8.8-4 in $HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH> and redid configure with,
./configure -prefix=$HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH> CPPFLAGS="-I$HOME/<CUSTOM_PATH>/include"

Again doing make gave the same error of undefined reference to 'PixelSetMagickColor'

What am I doing wrong?

In the build with --without-imagemagick, as I mentioned above the emacs background always stays white, no matter what theme I apply; even when I do "emacs -bg black -fg white".
But interestingly enough, when I do "emacs -nw", i.e. open it in terminal itself, I can see the theme colors (bg, fg, etc) correctly.
What could be going wrong? I doubt this has anything to do with imagemagick.
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I am trying to figure out the issue; I am curious. I usually build the binaries for the latest versions of applications like tmux and this. I had to edit the source code of emacs 24.3.1 to fix a bug that activated when using fci-mode and that fix and rebuild went well. So I have a basic idea of what goes into the build process.

What perplexes me while building emacs 24.4 is that I can grep the header of PixelSetMagickColor in my self-built ImageMagick 6.8.8-4 include folder, I am putting that exact path using -I flag but still the compiler complains that the function is undefined.

Once that is fixed I can further investigate on why the theme colors don't show up in X11 windows but they do show in terminal. 
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Kaushal Modi

Discussion  - 
Need help with 2 things in tmux

Hi everyone, just yesterday I got to know about tmux and I am already hooked onto it :)

Here is my current config:

I built the latest from tmux master. So tmux -V shows that it is version 1.9.

Can I please get help with 2 things:

(1) New Window in Current Directory
I am unable to define a key binding that can start a new window with the same directory as the one I was in the window where I started the new window.

I tried binding "bind c new-window -c $PWD" but that doesn't help. When I do `PREFIX ?` it shows the binding to c as "new-window -c /home/kmodi"; it expanded $PWD to the location of .tmux.conf! I tried escaping the $, using single and double quotes around $PWD but nothing helps.

Typing new-window or neww in tmux command-prompt ( PREFIX : ) also doesn't help.

The only thing that works is typing "tmux neww" in the window itself.
Update : Problem 1 above got solved by restarting tmux server. Now neww in command-prompt and the key binding to "new-window" opens a new window in the current working dir.

(2) PREFIX C-Up, PREFIX C-Down, etc bindings don't work for resizing the panes.

I tried setting the xterm-keys on and off but that didn't help.
When I do PREFIX C-Up, PREFIX C-Down, etc I simply get a hex value typed at the cursor location, like 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, ..
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+Kaushal Modi I'd look into tmuxinator so you can properly script your sessions. Having set up my project's dev environment with all servers, editors, and logfiles, I never have to worry about restarting tmux or my machine.
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Kaushal Modi

Bugs & issues  - 
Bug report 1: A note's modification time stamp is updated just by opening the note. Shouldn't the time stamp be updated only when it is actually modified. Currently the "last modified time" is actually the "last viewed time". It will be great to have it act as "last modified time".
Bug report 2: I can no longer see the option to switch to expanded view; neither in overflow menu nor in settings.

I am on ON version 4.3.7, using Fleksy keyboard on latest KitKat on Nexus 4. 
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+Kaushal Modi fixed, thanks
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Kaushal Modi

Bugs & issues  - 
Hi, I believe that since last 2 updates the tag colors are not showing properly. I am on the latest version 4.3.1. The screenshot shows that the actual set color in the center is different from the color that I want that I see on the circle. 
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In the previous versions you could get standard more vivid colours but they were a real pain for the eyes, especially if full note coloration option was activated .

If you want you can try a 4.1.x version from repository to try +Kaushal Modi
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Kaushal Modi

Discussion  - 
A cool little trick to confirm before killing only the last pane in a window

bind   x if "tmux display -p \"#{window_panes}\" | grep ^1\$" \
    "confirm-before -p \"Kill the only pane in window? It will kill this window too! (y/n)\" kill-pane" \

My full .tmux.config:
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You're not looking hard enough.

tmux lsw -F '#{window_index}:#{window_name}: #{?pane_dead, (dead), (not dead)}'
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Kaushal Modi

Discussion  - 
Is there a way to wrap the lines in the status bar is the text is too long? Can the status bar have multiple lines instead of just 1? For some command-prompt key bindings, I need to have a descriptive text to help the user enter the required input. But doing so moves the text entry field outside the visible area of the terminal.
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Great. I'd love a second status line with session numbers for quick switching.
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They have a great, fast customer service. I had to ship 2 packages and Tony quickly helped choose the right service (UPS/USPS/FedEx) to ship those.
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Very good vegetarian Mongolian grill. Unlike many other Mongolian grills, the vegetarian and meat sections are properly separated. You can also request the cook to clean the whole pan before cooking your vegetarian stuff. The spices are very good. The owners might seem distant at first but once you know them they are very amiable :). The negative is that there have been days when the closing time is not consistent. So if you are going there close to their closing time, give them a call to ensure that they are still open.
• • •
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Great hot and cold salad bar. Great options for vegetarians like me too :)
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Great view of SF and the adjoining towns/cities
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14 reviews
This place has very good vegetarian platter and appetizers. I usually have the Sambosas (similar to Indian Samosas) and Vegetarian combo. If you like spicy food, feel free to ask them for their spicy sauce. The food's so good that every time I end up having one more injera than I need to :)
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Can't tell what's different but this place has one of the best lattes I've ever had.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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We loved the vegetarian options we got at this place. It's the first Korean cuisine restaurant where we had good vegetarian choices. We had the vegetarian dumpling soup and the hot stone bowl for vegetarians. We were served unlimited cold mild green tea instead of water, which was a nice touch. Unlike what some other reviewers have experienced, the owner was not rude to us. I would definitely visit this place again.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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