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Issue with wallpaper scrolling on stock Android M on Nexus 6P

Hey guys,

I have noticed the wallpaper scrolling to work/not work randomly.

On Nexus 4, Oneplus One, Oneplus Two, Nexus 7, as I swipe from one page to another in the launcher, the wallpaper also used to scroll slightly left/right depending on if I swiped to the left/right page of the launcher.

But on Nexus 6P, the wallpaper scrolling seems buggy. At times the wallpaper stays static and at times it scrolls.

That's the only unpleasant experience other than the known bug of notification tray scrolling down super-slow when using a gesture. 

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I am using 2nd gen Nexus 7, stock, unrooted the latest update version of Lollipop. I am unable to setup Dropbox sync. 

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Feature request
Show the recently used apps in the app search suggestions.

I have been using AppDialer Pro ( ). The recent Nova update with the app search is much faster. I only wish that it showed the recently used apps in the initial list of apps (along with the newly installed apps).

Thanks for keeping this app fresh with updates!

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Few samples of pictures taken using my OPO using the stock CM camera in Auto mode. 
6 Photos - View album

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Emacs has its own Stack Exchange and it is in Beta stage. It's a new home for all emacs related questions: org-mode, elisp, packages, configurations, etc.

Anyone can ask questions and provide answers. Feel free to even browse the site and skim through Q&As even if you don't need to ask anything at the moment :)

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The emacs user base is growing by day (or so is vim's, don't worry :P). This growth has brought in emacs/org-mode/elisp related questions from beginner to advanced level users and over time these questions got distributed across reddit, G+ community, quora, stackoverflow, superuser, unix SE, tex SE, etc. It is about time that emacs get its dedicated SE subdomain so that it becomes a one-stop shop for emacs related questions.

And thus the emacs user base got together to propose an emacs SE site. It has to go through define, commit and beta phase to become a confirmed SE site. It has already gone through the define phase and has finished 64% of the commit phase.

If you too are interested in making emacs SE a reality, please go here ( ) and commit to it.

Help with defining syntax table for comments

I am working on creating a major-mode for an in-house script.

The commenting syntax is as follows:
- Any line that optionally begins with white space and has '*' as the first non-white-space character is a comment.
* This is a comment.

- A comment can be line-continued with an '&' character
* These both lines are &

- Also supports C-style block comments: /* COMMENT */
print "abcd", /* COMMENT */ "def"

I am unable to make the below work:

(defvar inhouse-script-mode-syntax-table
  (let ((table (make-syntax-table)))
    ;; define comment for this style: /*  */
    (modify-syntax-entry ?\/ ". 14b" table)
    (modify-syntax-entry ?*  ". 23b"   table)
    (modify-syntax-entry ?\n ">"    table)
    ;; define the comment lines starting with '*'
    (modify-syntax-entry ?*  "<"    table)
    ;; Declare the underscore character as being as valid part of a word
    (modify-syntax-entry ?_  "w"      table)
  "Syntax table for inhouse-script-mode")

Is it possible to assign '*' to both "." and "<"? If so, can anyone help me fix the above syntax table?

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