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Katy Towell
Sugar and spice and nothing nice.
Sugar and spice and nothing nice.


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"Dinner For One"

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Did you know you can now comment directly on new posts? Unless you're a spammer, that is, and if you are, I'll be very disappointed.

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Happy Friday the 13th! Remember all those organs you promised me? Hand them over.

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The new is live! Sign up! Talk about the Carousel of Sorrow, Emmeline, Death and everything else Skary with your friends on the forums! Share some fan art! Most of all: tell people about it!

The new is almost ready to launch! The much awesomer site will be super mobile and tablet friendly, and you'll have a much easier time linking to the pictures and videos you like. And there will be more fan stuff! Also - I'll update more frequently. hangs head (Sorry, guys. Turns out moving to another state, working on a book and two cartoons, and redesigning a website is really hard to do all at once!)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive! Really alive, I mean. Not undead. Though I've heard good things about brains. ;-) In the works right now this very, uh, month: part 3 of Death & Elsie, my second novel, and a brand new!

When you woke up today, it was mysteriously today... a year from now. When you wake up tomorrow, it will be present day again. You're the only one who experienced this blip in time that allowed you to know one day of the future. What do you do with your knowledge? That's your Friday question!

Look at that! It's Friday, and I'm actually posting your question on time! I promise I'll post other actual art and stuff soon. It's just been a busy time! Which brings me to your Friday question: You've been given an extra hour to do whatever you wish. You'll be all-powerful! There's nothing you can't do! Well, almost. Your power will only last for that one hour, so even if you try to use your power to create another extra hour, it won't work. And nothing you change or create during that hour will last beyond that time, either. What will you do?

It's time for your Friday/Saturday question! It's spring on this side of the world. But what if you could control the weather? What new season would you create, and what would be the weather conditions? Would you use your power for good or for wickedness?
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