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For the first time ever this place, Feast, in #NYC just asked that I remove +Google Glass because customers have complained of privacy concerns in the past. Never has happened to me before in the one year I've had Glass. I left. #throughglass Feast
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Oh no! That's what I would've done too!
Unreal. Should have made everyone take their phones and put them in the car. 
This happened to me at a high end restaurant in SF last December. They are just unaware of what Glass does
Katy Kasmai
I did ask if they restrict cellphone access as well. They said no. Anyway plenty of good restaurants nearby, I'm at ABC Kitchen now. Better food. No strange Glass rules.
Its going to take a lot of education before the general public understands the benefits of Glass and stops being weirded out by the forward facing camera 
These restaurants are only going to gain media that might give them some positive benefits in the short term but in the long term, when this technology is widely accepted, they will only be remembered in negative light.
The gall of some people does anger me at times though, I must admit. What makes these "other customers" feel that they are important enough for anyone to care to "record"?
Of course I'll remove my Glass. And check please. 
I can't wait until wearable tech becomes the norm and establishments beg for folks to come back after they shuned them. 
We need a site that lists all Glass Friendly businesses and all anti-Glass businesses out there. Explorers can notify of a positive/negative experience to update. This would let us know where to spend our money when we travel. 
Bahahahaha brilliant. I'd travel up from DC for that.
Jamaa L
+Katy Kasmai you should have reminded them about the numerous cctv cameras recording everything everywhere including those probably inside the restaurant. 
Time to hand them a pair to experience in person. Fearing the unknown is an easy reaction.
+Katy Kasmai Well done. It is their loss to lose you as a customer rather than embrace something new and LEARN! not fear LEARN!
+Bryan Foster Great idea.... 
I've not had any issues here. However, I'm the only one in my town who currently is a #GlassExplorer . I did remove them when I went to visit a friend who was dying in hospital. But nowhere else has anyone been anything but interested and intrigued.
New Weekly Standard Glass hit piece probably won't help move the ball forward.
Bound to happen not everyone wants to be filmed personally I think there cool
Merriam-Webster may soon add glassophobic to their collection
Wonder why all the 1 star reviews aren't showing up. Left mine as well.
+Jolyn Bowler - I remove mine ( or hand them to my wife) when I visit the men's room wherever I am...I just don't want anyone to think that there is ANYTHING I want to "record" in a men's bathroom! :)
Yeah !!!!  I would leave 2 honey bunny.......... F- them
+Katy Kasmai we sometimes pave the way for others...

Change at its best is not always welcomed.

Thankfully, NYC is a place where Glass is met with intrigue and fascination more often than not!

Thanks to #GlassNYC!
While I would have left as well maybe rather than leaving negative reviews the better thing to do would be to set up a meet up there and make a large reservation and not tell them it's a Glass meet up. Worst case is you go someplace else to eat because they still turn you away and they lose a bunch of business holding tables for you. Best case is they let you in and let you educate them while there. That said I have never been asked to take Glass off but if I am I will make sure to educate people first and then if they are still ignorant, hammer them with bad reviews. 😉
+Katy Kasmai while I agree with your choice I also think everyone should have their chance at redemption and to be educated. If a single person came to me with concerns and said they didn't want to be recorded I would educate them. This restaurant is no different. I guess we can agree to disagree. 
It seems that arguments and cases can be made for both sides. What I am glad to hear is that the conversations raised are about how to be true explorers, even if it means we may walk in unwelcome territories.

Being something of a trailblazer is rare these days, even if the good is mixed with bad... It is to be embraced.

For me, I know we are all learning about what Glass can mean for people who don't know what it is.

Keep your head up, be true to yourself, eat where you like for whatever reason and take some food porn with your Glass!!
I don't understand need to wear them while eating. Just doesn't make sense. 
But the RIGHT to wear them while eating should be mine. Each of us as individuals may have different use cases, but we should have the right to use Glass everywhere we wish...within legal constraints. 
I'd like to pick my nose while I eat but I don't because it's rude. Same with not using my cellphone or tablet while I eat. If people don't restrain themselves reasonably, soon we won't be able to wear them anywhere that isn't public property. It's common sense. 
+Bryan Foster I usually just slide mine up on my head if I have to use the ladies room.  No problems here, and I do that at the casinos too.
This isn't about our rights though. We have the right to wear Glass. Their right to turn away law-abiding, paying, customers while making assess of themselves supercedes out rights though and I'm okay with that because in the end, they will only ruin themselves and make room for smarter companies.
I can see why people are paranoid and all people have rights to privacy where ever they are. I personally don't care if a person wears Google glass but at the same time I don't like being filmed without my consent and that goes for my family too. Also because of security purposes I agree with not wearing glass at a restaurant. 
Why not just take Glass off? I've only had a similar situation happen 3 times in however long I've been exploring. Each time I've politely taken them off and powered them down. I agree that its no different then what people can do on their phones but people might be more willing to listen to what Glass can and can not do of we oblige their request when at a restaurant..
Totally agree with feast they need to put a sign up . Google glasses are a choice they are not a necessity. Get them off 
I think you will find more and more places banningbthem when they start getting invasion of privacy notices from lawyers. There is a time and place for miles and other recording devices
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson  Im not joking. In a world where everything is digitized and cameras everywhere i dont need another citizen taking video of me and my family. I value my privacy in public areas too which means if usually if i am at an establishment i dont need to be in a strangers database because they bought a 1500 dollar product.
+keith Newton For me, when I am out and about, GLASS is my choice instead of pulling my phone out. I remove them in appropriate situations but have not run into any difficulty when wearing them generally.
Well when you all grow up you might value privacy. Google glass will be banned at many locations that's why governments care changing laws as we speak. It an offence to record someone's image without permission long my that stand.
+Jeffrey Scott Jr. It is actually possible to take illicit and hidden photos with a phone versus GLASS. We actually have to move or talk to GLASS to get them to take a photo or video. GLASS is not on all the time. Phones are!
Have you noticed its many adolescence who find this being asked to do something maybe its a nerd rebellion common sense will get the better of this children.
+Jolyn Bowler I completely understand what you are saying. But if someone who is filming before they go into the establishment how would I know. I'm not at all bashing GLASS users or the product itself, but there is a time and a place for it in my opinion. A restraunts is not in my opinion.
+Jeffrey Scott Jr. Privacy: Public: I would love to hear your explanation of how these two concepts are not clear or could coexist. If someone wants privacy they have every right to it, in private not in public. If they do not want to be in public they have every right to exist out of the public eye such as inside their home or the wilderness. When we choose to benefit from society as a whole, where we must coexist in public, we give up our rights to privacy quite significantly. When you're sitting in a restaurant you are in public not in private and therefore have no privacy by definition. Your right to privacy quite literally cannot exist.

In any case, this conversation isn't about your right to privacy, it is about my right to wear Google glass. If you do not like the remote possibility that I could record you briefly, then you are the one that needs to leave the restaurant. The reality is your head is about to explode if you really think that you are interesting enough to record other than perhaps for the scene you would be making about me wearing Glass and if I had any interest in recording you I would use my phone to do it discreetly so that you would have no idea. In fact if I was interested in recording people without their consent or knowledge I would wear any number very inexpensive, easily concealable cameras.

So when you take all of those facts and combine them logically what conclusion can you come to? I'm left to think that you're an attention seeking individual that needs to go and educate themselves on rather simple words such as public and private.

Please get over yourself and stop harassing the rest of us.
Sure... Right after you turn off all your security cameras. 
You should leave a review on Yelp/Urban Spoon/etc letting everyone know
+keith Newton How is it that you people can be intelligent enough to get on the internet and type entire words and not know the difference between public and private? We're talking about a restaurant not a restroom, changing room, a doctors office or your home.

obviously $1500 was not a high enough price to get "educated" testers.  this product will be dead before it ever hits the street due to "children" destroying it with their obnoxious behaviors
+Jeffrey Scott Jr. You value your privacy in public places? That's not even possible. There can be no expectation of privacy in a public place. In fact if someone wanted to take a picture of your family while you walked down the street there is nothing you can do. What keeps someone from recording or taking a picture of you with their phone?
First of all, +Michael-Rainabba Richardson im not important at all, but like i said i dont like someone even attempting to film me or my family, regardless if they think they have they right. Like i said before, i have the right to go anywhere (with my family) but i will not be filmed by someone who can take pictures of my family without my consent because you "have a right" to have GLASS in a certain establishment. As for privacy, I will repeat myself again, i dont need anyone taking any pictures of me and my family without my consent. Security cameras are fine (even though i dont like them) because they are use by the establishment i am visiting, I just hope they are not using them other than security. Nobody is harassing anybody on this form, but i understand that its hard because some people dont agree with your opinion on this matter. Its a discussion, an opinion on a matter that affects you, me and all others in the public. So take it easy. Im just a veteran. But if you cant you can flag me to Google+ and i will explain what i said and how i said it to everyone on Google+ because we have a difference of opinion. Have a nice day. +Michael-Rainabba Richardson 
+Chad Cooper Well said and Oh So True!

+Douglas Stone it is my understanding that no children are able to PURCHASE GLASS as you must be 18 years of age. Heads up display is the future, perhaps not as GLASS but.. I find it most incredibly convenient to NEVER have to take my phone out when I'm out and about '-}
+Bryan Foster that makes sense. I've not had occasion to wear GLASS into a "more than one stall" rest room while out and about, but I definitely would do so in that case '-}
Again, the problem here is simple ignorance. Privacy does not exist in public and so Glass in public does not threaten privacy. Glass does not even threaten the recording of individuals more than the smartphones and concealed cameras that are otherwise allowed and not actively discouraged. There is no more to this. Anyone that claims otherwise is likely just uneducated or seeking attention. It is extremely disheartening to see how many apparently otherwise intelligent adults hold such positions. Even more true when one considers that there have been glasses with embedded cameras that are far less conspicuous than Google glass available to the public for nearly a decade. 
+Jolyn Bowler I also put glass on top of my head when I enter a restroom because I agree there is an understood right to privacy even outside the stall but inside the restroom. I do not expect or request the same of others though because I would not expose myself if I was worried about being videotaped or photographed. In fact I take care to close my windows and doors in my own home if I don't want somebody to see something. This is because I may have a right to privacy in my home but rights are about enforcement. If someone violates my rights I can take action against them but the violation still occurred. As a responsible adult I take action to prevent violations that I do not want to occur. For me this would translate into not entering a restaurant where I do not want to be photographed or video taped. In reality that's not an issue for me because I'm proud of my beautiful family and flattered if someone thinks we're worth paying attention to in that way.

History has proven over and over the people who are technophobic only get in their own way and generally lose the fight. Any restaurant who asks Glass wearers to leave are setting themselves up for a significant future failure. People can be willfully ignorant and hope that glass and such technology will be legally banned in the future but there's absolutely no reason to believe that will be the case when you look at history and the current state of technology. Restaurants are well within their rights to ask us to leave for the moment but even that line will get very hazy with the prescription lenses that are now being used with glass. In the end of those restaurants will only hurt themselves.

I find these discussions especially interesting because here in Arizona I have never even once had a negative reaction towards glass. In fact this phenomenon seems to occur primarily in Northern California as far as I can tell. I find that quite interesting considering the tech industry in that area. In fact, the only two negative interactions I've ever had regarding glass we're both in San Francisco. Once I was assaulted by a vagrant who was clearly mentally ill and was harassing every single person he encountered as he walked down the street. The second was just a bouncer asking me in a negative tone if I was recording. When I told him no, he said, "go ahead". I pity everyone living in California but I hear these horror stories from. I can't imagine what it must be like to live around people that would behave that way.
There are lots of children over 18 or we wouldn't be having these glass issues. 
+keith Newton they're available in prescription now. If they were just the accessory version, yes, by all means, take them off. But if and when I get my prescription pair, no, I will not be removing them except to go to bed...
In case no one had seen, some of the 1 star reviews are showing up on maps now. They've dropped to a 2.7 rating! Wonder how many more we can get. 
It's a little petty to drop their review guys, especially since it's all based on a third party report. 
Dan Ritchey
You guys are missing the point. The restaurant is not doing this because they hate Glass or are concerned about recordings. A (obviously significant) portion of their customer base complained, and that's the reason.

My question is why are Glass Explorers so dead set on wearing these things EVERYWHERE? Why not simply take them off, enjoy your meal, put them back on and continue with your day?

If I was wearing no shirt or no shoes, the business could turn me away....why? Because it makes the other patrons uncomfortable. That's what it is in this instance. Relax, be flexible and the time will come when you don't have to remove your Glass at all.
Glass is very similar to many other personal technologies out there, and
just happens to be something you wear... so then why should people who
choose to wear it be singled out versus everyone else who is in that
restaurant with a cell phone? Some evolution of that has also been
discussed around expectations of privacy. In a shared space, it has long
been held and understood that we have none, so those that hee and haw about
how they are being "violated" by someone wearing Glass rubs some people the
wrong way.

While I agree that there may be times where Glass really shouldn't be worn
(someone above noted bathrooms; I'm down with that just as a nicety, but
I'm also not one of those guys who is texting while taking a leak so it
seems like common sense... and germs.. gross) it isn't wholly on Glass
owners to be responsible for the feelings of everyone around them. While I
can see the point to be made that it's not on the restaurant to outright
support Glass either - those with Glass who are refused service unless they
conform have just as much a right to be concerned. They've taken the time
to understand the technology, they're seemingly hurting no one by using
said technology, and have done no action which infringes on someone else's
personal private life; so they have to ask what's caused the issue, why do
they have to be treated so negatively?

I also think that comparing Glass to being half naked or showing off your
gnarly feet isn't really the same, though, let's be real :P
+Mark Fournier it was an exaggerated comparison....

I've been asked to leave or put my cell phone away before by restaurants when I was holding up as if I was taking photos or recording. I could have exploded and demanded my rights, but really, what's the point?

My point is just be patient. New technology scares people. And it's even scarier when there's a bunch of people running around threatening restaurants and public establishments "you have to let us use this or we'll destroy your ratings!"

Once upon a time they didn't allow cell phones in restaurants. Now they do. In several years, we'll all look back and remember once upon a time when they didn't allow Glass in restaurants...
Conal Darcy
A small independent restaurant in the cutthroat NYC market, according to the wishes of most of its customers, asks a patron to remove her $1500 techno-goggles while she eats there. And you respond by attempting to destroy their livelihood through a coordinated campaign to lower their rating. Bravo?
+Conal Darcy "According to the wishes of most of its customers"? Really? On the other hand, what you're describing is called a free market and it can be difficult, but that IS the nature of the beast. If more customers want to see the rating go up (the VAST majority of people that do not wear Glass), they have far more power to increase the rating than we have. If the rating goes down, it is because more people care to speak up that are unhappy than not. Simple math.

"$1500 techno-goggles" is about as overly-dramatic a description as your comment is an over-reaction. If you're so concerned for this restaurant, go start a campaign to increase their rating because you feel sorry for them despite their choices.
It's still incredibly disingenuous to leave a one-star rating for a restaurant you've never been to, particularly if you're not even in the state the restaurant is in.
It is my genuine opinion on the matter and I don't think I have to experience something to have an opinion on it. Why should the impact of their choice stop with only those who have physically visited their establishment? EVERY establishment that behaves this way affects me (AND YOU) in the long run. Your opinion on this matters brings to mind the looters so well described by Ayne Rand in Atlas Shrugged. Because you are in agreement with the policy doesn't make your opinion more genuine or valid than mine and you have as much (but no more) right to an opinion as me. What makes you think you have any right to even suggest that I retract my opinion when I belong to the class being targeted?
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson It's not over dramatic and I tend to agree with +Conal Darcy .  Those "$1500 techno-goggles" are not the same as having a cell phone and you are not going to convince me otherwise.  I know what glass does and I'm very well aware it's not always on.  Just the fact you can take a picture with a wink of an eye is completely different than somebody pulling out a camera or a cell phone to snap a photo.  Regardless, it's an extremely sad statement that people cannot divorce themselves of their electronic toys for a meal and on top of it try to destroy a business in the process via a virtual witch hunt, awesome.  I hate it nowadays when I go out to dinner and nobody is talking to the person across the table from them and instead they are all looking at their $DEVICEOFCHOICE.  It is a very sad statement of where our society is heading.  I'm now going to make a point of eating at this place and showing my support for them.  As they always say, "There is no such thing as bad publicity".
+Mike fernandes You got me and that mature and elaborate reply is sure to convince a good part of the population; or rather a large part anyway; while the good part who is capable of thinking will just see a childish whine of a reply. :)
Jim Moore
You know what?  have your aggravated at the restaurant, but at the end of the day, they have the right to not serve you.  Write to a newspaper, talk to a a TV station, write a "poor me" blog, but don't engineer a witch hunt.  Jeez. 
Reported every 1-star review (other than the OP's). If you go there and experience poor treatment, then fine - criticize away. If you haven't been there and are leaving a review, it's spam and serves only to undermine the rating system.
+Alex Georgopoulos Anyone that tries to fall back to the "privacy issue" is clearly in denial. I guarantee you that I could snap a photo of every person in my field of view with few every having a clue I was taking a picture while using my "cell phone" (miniature portable computer with a GoPro integrated [Note 3] that happens to be capable of making phone calls). Glass on the other hand, requires 1) The wearer to be looking directly at the subject 2) Do something fairly obvious (even a wink) to provide an indication that they're taking a photo. EVEN if using a remote of some sort, there is still the issue that the wearer must be looking directly at their subject. "you are not going to convince me otherwise" is another way of saying, "the facts don't matter because I've decided what I want to believe". In that case, nothing I say to you matters and the only reason for this reply is for the rest of the population who is interested in facts more than ignorant biases.

By the way, if you're SO concerned about privacy, your time and energy would be FAR better spent fighting any of these products: (or any of the other 10,000's of "compacts" with mirrors in them) (or any of the other 1,000's of "spy cameras")

On the other hand, you could pick up a dictionary and read the definitions for "public" and "privacy" and realize that your entire concern is irrational to begin with because you don't have "privacy" in "public".

I guess we all need hobbies, but it's too bad some people take up hobbies that ultimately come down to harassing other people for no good reason.
No i'm not concerned with privacy per se as the fact that people can't divorce themselves from their toys for a freaking meal.  Yes you can go through extraordinary measures to sneak pictures but this lowers the bar to make it easy for any idiot to do so.  If you can't see the difference I don't know what else to say.
+Alex Georgopoulos Who are you do say what people should "divorce themselves from" though if it isn't hurting anyone? That sounds like an even weaker excuse and an attempt to save face from your last lame excuse. What happens when you try to apply that logic to someone and find out that Glass is assisting them  in some way you didn't imagine? What IF, you just "divorce yourself from your habit of harassing people"? Just a thought :)
+Nick Starr that is your choice to conflate your vision with technology I don't feel sorry for you. Get some contacts
Jeff K
+Nick Starr Certainly you can afford a pair of glasses when you can spend $4.1k in bar bill?
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson what does enjoying a meal have to do with using a piece of electronics? Is it going to make my food taste better? The original poster is the one who started a witch hunt and is harassing a business. 
+Jeff K the point is that I shouldn't be forced to buy something I don't have a need for. I have one good pair of working prescription glasses. I shouldn't be forced to spend hundreds on a second pair. 
+Gene Keenan What if you were asked to remove a hearing aid because someone didn't want their conversations in a public place of accommodation recorded? Someone would be blatantly breaking federal ADA law. The fact that Glass is capable of "recording" doesn't change a thing and the establishment made the choice. Nobody is "fucking with them". We're all quite serious consumers speaking our opinion on their borderline illegal actions.

I can only try so much to educate the ignorant and opinionated in one day though so I'm going to take my leave and let the irrational, childish, selfish and otherwise dysfunctional ranting continue without me now.

Good day all.
There is no "right" to wear Google Glass in a restaurant. It's a private business and they make the rules. While they can't discriminate based on sex, race, religion and sexual orientation, they are otherwise free to pick and choose who eats there and who doesn't.  They can toss you out for wearing a polka dot shirt if they want.

You've seen those velvet rope lines at clubs? They are there for a reason. No polka dot shirts.

As to those who left negative reviews for a restaurant they have never been to, there is a pretty good claim for defamation to be made against you.
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson if there are ADA reasons for it like a seeing eye dog then so be it.  We allow helper dogs in places where the family pet can't go.  This is not illegal like you claim.   Any business has the right to refuse service and that is as american as it gets.
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson You are comparing hearing aids to a technology accessory?!?!?!?!? Think about it: you are reaching at best but I got a good chuckle out of it. Thanks too for the personal attack in your closing paragraph.
It really disappoints me, to say the least, that people who have never eaten at this restaurant feel like damaging them financially over a single Google glass incident.  So, that actually hurts the people who have worked hard to build the restaurant as well as the people who work there.  It's so childish and so destructive and ANGRY!  What's wrong with you people?????    It's like throwing a brick through the window because you didn't get your way.  What a big bunch of destructive babies.  Sheesh!  
When you enter an establishment and they ask you to wear shoes or put on a shirt, or ask you to remove your hat or Google Glass it is their prerogative. Why would you just not take off your Glass out of respect?

Why leave in a huff and then go home and whine about it online? Just makes you look like an entitled whiner and gives yet another Glass wearer a bad rap.
+Nick Starr if you are uninsured then okay - I understand the premium on the lenses themselves. But glasses frames are regularly sold for under $100 - you do not NEED $100+ eyeglasses - especially if it's merely a backup pair.

That said - and I don't mean to sound like I'm picking on you - surely you can appreciate what a remarkable statement you've made regarding the necessity of your Glass. You cannot in good faith mention spending upwards of $4000 a year (or $10 a day, aka what many people can't even budget for lunch) at a bar, $1500 on Glass...and then scoff at the idea of spending extra money on a backup pair of eyeglasses  - which is the one thing in this entire situation that is a medical need.
+steph lake Exactly what the restaurant needed to do. And you and your friends should be ashamed for thrashing the restaurant reputation.
BTW: Google Glass at current prices is for suckers
Exactly you never know when you might see a giant lepercon or some tasty side boob while dining in public. I mean we have very little time for feeding ourselves now days... They need to understand that we must document everything and anything going on around us GlassHoles. And if you don't like it we will ruin your business and your life. 
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson ....have you lost your entire mind? In what universe is a hearing aid - a device built to counteract a medical impairment - on the same footing as a (admittedly, very cool) toy?

I like Glass, but some of the things you Glass users say are completely insane.
+Rodolfo Jodra those of us who chose to make the investment to purchase Google Glass have had an experience that most of us would have paid for time and again. We continue to have experiences that are worth far more than the $1500.00 price tag. I've connected with more people in my town and all over the world because of my involvement in the Explorer program. I personally have done nothing to do anything to this restaurant, and have never been to a restaurant that has asked me to remove my Glass or leave my phone in my car. It is my choice as a consumer to not give my money to a company who chooses to cater to other customers more than myself. Just as it is their choice to do so. There is no shame in anything I have said here, you should be ashamed for suggesting it. 
Why is there such a problem complying with these kinds of requests?

It's no different than a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy.

Take Glass off, enjoy your meal, pay your bill, and put glass back on again.

No big deal.