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Katy Jon Went
Label defying spiritual lover of life & beauty, writer, theologian, photographer, software, web-tech, LGBT/diversity talks & training
Label defying spiritual lover of life & beauty, writer, theologian, photographer, software, web-tech, LGBT/diversity talks & training

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A reminder as BBC's Trust Me finishes of Jodie Whittaker, the next #DoctorWho - cannot wait!

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Sophie Minns reading statement from USA at solidarity rally with #Charlottesville Tue 15 Aug, #Norwich City Hall

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Kurt Cobain, RIP 23 years after his suicide; On Being Yourself, faking it & too much Empathy

Being Yourself by Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain, was born in 1967, and died 23 years ago today. He flitted between narcissism, empathy, love and pain, trying to enjoy his life and simply be himself, but not feeling it, instead feeling everything else instead.…

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#Brexit double standards, imperialistic hypocrisy, a top 10 of Britain First selfishness & ignorance

Brexit means… Having your cake and eating it: 1. Leaving the EU and complaining about not having the EU’s backing on Gibraltar anymore. 2. Marching against multiculturalism (EDL & Britain First) and not getting the irony of bemoaning Halal ingredient…

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#Brexit Britain triggers Article 50, Leave & Remain new political forces of tradition v diversity

I remain pro-European & all that entails I voted Remain and I still feel more European than British, a global citizen, part of the forward thinking age of inclusion, diversity, and multiculturalism. I try to take the best human parts of globalisation from…

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Westminster attacks, Adrian Elms/Khalid Masood homegrown terrorist radicalised by extremism, hate, violence...

Adrian Ajao/Elms aka Khalid Masood The EDL, UKIP, Britain First etc blame Muslim immigration for last week’s Westminster terrorist attack. Yet Adrian/Khalid was middle-class Kent-born, with a white British mother, well schooled, popular, sporty until he…

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George Osborne needs how many jobs to make ends meet? 6! "We're all in this together" hypocrisy #sixjobs

George ‘Six Jobs’ Osborne If George Osborne needs six jobs to survive, what hope the rest of us? Clearly, it’s not “the immigrants taking all out jobs” – it’s greedy George! The architect of UK austerity as Chancellor of the Exchequer forced government…

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International 'Real' Women's Day, not Trans, not Intersex, & not Men #IWD #JenniMurray #realwomen?

International ‘Real’ Women’s Day On this day, each year, I usually write about current social issues worldwide that affect women disproportionately. I often quote my sheroes – Audre Lorde, Simone de Beauvoir, Malala Yousafzai, Muzoon Almellehan, Ellen…

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#Norwich #ReclaimtheNight Poetry+March 4 #SaferStreets & #NeverOK 2 sexual harassment @UnionUEA @OwlSanctuaryNR1

Norwich Reclaim the Night 2017 The night began with poetry and speeches from a dozen poets, the NUS Women’s officer – Hareem Ghani, Helen Burrows of Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services, the Lord Mayor of Norwich – Marion Maxwell, and Blur’s…

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#DonaldTrump's $54bn military #Defense expansion might win US hearts but won't educate American minds nor world peace

Military $ Up, Foreign Aid Down Donald Trump wants to spend $54 billion more on the US military, whilst cutting foreign aid and environmental policies to pay for it. Sadly, US surveys during his election campaign indicated around 55% support for this…
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