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Another one. :) I did not charge the group for this website simply because I want this event to succeed and continue every year and I have a deep love for New Harmony, Indiana. Check it out. As a matter of fact, this event is happening today, March 13th 2016 in beautiful historic New Harmony, Indiana. If your in the area, visit the events!

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Also finished the Rapp-Owen Granary website - very beautiful wedding venue located in New Harmony, Indiana

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Well I've been super busy and noticed I didn't follow up on the website I was creating - here it is. This was finished several months ago and client is happy, happy, happy!

Working on another website...I will share it with you when we complete it. Hint: Located near Louisville KY and they also make a great homemade product you're gonna love! Isn't life good?
In between working on this new site, I have to get my own site updated with some newly content and features. Busy...Busy...Busy I am!!

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Here is another website I completed last month. Also located in New Harmony Indiana. Jim & Stephanie Spann, owners of New Harmony Soap Company are great to work with. They sell natural homemade soaps and other items for the skin! Check this neat little shop out the next time you are visiting New Harmony, Indiana.

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Whew...I have been busy over the past few months and wanted to share with you what I have been up to. This is a hotel located in New Harmony Indiana "New Harmony Inn" and it was a very large task and we are still adding to the site. Beginning in Jan 2015, the website will have its own booking engine built within instead of being redirected to an external site. Very excited about this site, this area in Southern Indiana is very dear to me. Take a look: 

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We're finally up and running. Tweaks and more tweaks but we got our mobile and desktop websites up and live. If you have a mobile device, you will be redirected to our mobile site. Enjoy!   #websitedesign #localbusinessmarketing #mobilemarketing  

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Watch and learn

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My latest works
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Do you need a mobile website for your current website? Then you are at the right place. Kat's Web Designs can create a mobile design to match your website! Look at the latest design below! More mobile sites are in the works! Did I mention the cost is very affordable? Contact Kathy today at 618-383-5826 - Way wait until your competitors out rank you!
I want to share another mobile website we designed recently for New Harmony Inn located in New Harmony, Indiana and WOW! It looks great and the client is very satisfied...are you mobile ready? We can build your custom mobile site at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Contact Kathy today for your mobile presence!
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