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okay, 0kay, okay.  i know i’m always on drive-by, and it sucks with a capital SUCKS.  this is what happens when you’re a sickly squid who’s had cons and colds and epic familial visits all happen this month alone.  (they say as they’re trying not to hork…

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first thing the first:  the featured image doesn’t really have anything to do with this post–okay, that’s not entirely true because i’ll have prints of this illustration of the glorious gilmore casting disintegrate available at plattecon this weekend.

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so, i’m heading out to AMKE in, like, an hour. i’m going to be vending in the artist alley in booth E2, so y’all should stop by and see me. quietly freaks the fuck out

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so, yeah, anime milwaukee is literally seven days away, and i am in an epic panic because, ya know, i’m a panicky little squid. (some of this might be because matt mercer, marisha ray, laura bailey, and travis willingham from critical role are guesting at…

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projecTransparency: let the art walk season begin

just some art walk & other upcoming shows, my new characters Grey Halkyon & Eira Tove, and meeting Incompetech (Kevin McLeaod--

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or, in which i say "however" about 14 million times with matt murdock sitting on my shoulder while i'm on location at the ARTgarage (bc sometimes i really do go into my tAg studio, i swear).

tl;dr (er, watch):

1. be sincere;
2. be constructive;
3. be thoughtful.

heads-up-seven-up, i'm running a giveaway on my tumblr (, and i'm going to be at minneapolis comic con may 6th-8th (

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this time on projecTransparency, i go on and on (at length) about stuff. THINGS. and, have questionable editing abilities bc my computer decided that today was a big NO for video editing.








and, remember that i'll be putting together a coming events thing on my website ( soon!

nb: this video was actually recorded on tuesday, but things are things, and tired squids are tired squids, and y'all know the rest.

intro music by me

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the library: 2016 #popsugar reading challenge


omg, is there a lot of books in this #readingchallenge.
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