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I am me, you know.

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Leave Nothing But Footprints
Hello there my dearests! I hope that you have all had a wonderful week so far! Can you believe that the first day of Summer was yesterday? This means the days are 'bout to get shorter. Oh lawd that thought depresses me. Anyway, I've been busy with a few fun...

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10 Beautiful Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
Hello my lovely Christmas darlings! As lovers of the holiday season, we all strive to decorate to our own tastes, and most likely on our own budgets. But imagine being able to do whatever you wanted, and money was not an issue? Would you keep it simple? Rea...

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Spring Fling
Hi there my little Pokemons! I hope everyone is doing well on this horribly sad day in rock n' roll history (Chris Cornell RIP). I feel like some of my youth died today. Anyway...this picture was taken in the middle of a month ago. Still snow on ...

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April Favorites
Hello there everyone! I wanted to try something a little different this month and write about the things I have been loving this month. In doing so, I realized I have been gravitating towards brightly coloured things, while still not skimping on the things ...

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2017 Adventure List
Every year, I like to make a list of all the adventures I want to have. They don't always happen, but its nice to make a list and try to check off a few of them! This year I want to: 1. Go canoeing...again- this seems to be a yearly thing that Dave and I do...

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Spring Ahead
Hello there friends! We get to turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend! I am so excited for it to be lighter in the evening, it is the first sign of Spring for me. And I am needing some green in my life right about now! (Not complaining about winter at a...

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Hello Greenery
Photo Credit It is so warm out right now for February, that I can't help but think of Spring. I know I know, I am jumping the gun, we still have plenty of Winter left I am sure, but a girl can dream! Pantone's 2017 color of the year is the color Greenery. I...

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What I Read in 2016
Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought I would do a quick post on all the books I read last year. I was pretty proud of myself for consuming 13 books in a year, considering I was finding it hard to find the time to read. But I made it a priority again and these ...

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Cozy February Guys, it's February. Only the dreariest, grayest month of Winter. It has been snowing like crazy here for the past few days, and although I do need to schlep myself into work daily, I really just want to hide under a cozy blanket and sleep until ...

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100 Things I Love: 5...This Blog
I wanted to do a countdown of 100 things that make me happy. Things that are ever-present in the my life, whether I am using them, wanting them, or remembering them. These are all the things that make me happy, and that I love. This Blog Guys, I started thi...
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