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Book Tour & Mini Review: White by Angelina J. Steffort (The Wings Trilogy #1)
  Title: White Author: Angelina J. Steffort Series: The Wings Trilogy #1 Release Date: 19 Apr 2017 Goodreads | Amazon  Summary:  “I love you,” he said with a smile on his lips. And then his eyes snapped open, flashing green. A radiating white blur shot out ...

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Release Blitz & Review: Ever the Wayward Sky by Oliver Phipps
Title: Ever the Wayward Sky Author: Oliver Phipps Release Date: 23 Apr 2017 Goodreads | Amazon Summary:  The Civil War is over. But for Sergeant James Taft, there seems to be no end in sight. He had seldom considered what he would do after the war, because ...

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Book Blast: Fractured Angel by Ken Williams
Title: Fractured Angel Author: Ken Williams Release Date: 6 June 2014 Publisher: Sakura Publishing Goodreads | Amazon   Summary:  How would you go about trying to help your daughter who, suffering her first psychotic break at fifteen, is chased by her wound...

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Book Tour: Tidal by Lisa Terry
Title: Tidal Author: Lisa Terry Release Date: 24 March 2017 Goodreads | Amazon   Summary:  Most of the south Carolinians who hate 17 year old Jessa Perce do so in the open, but one of those haters, bent on revenge against Jessa and her boyfriend, pulls the ...

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Book Review: Positive Self-Esteem: A Guide to a Better You by Vicky Omifolaji
  Get it on   Amazon ~ Review ~  ~ About the Author ~   Vicky Omifolaji is the owner of Vicky Omifolaji Consulting & Psychotherapy Services with over 20 years’ experience helping and empowering people to deal with their life issues. She has always felt the ...

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Comic Review: Dream State Radicals by Huckleberry Comics
Huckleberry Comics Debuts Gritty, Sci-Fi Thriller with Exciting Kickstarter Campaign! All of the proceeds raised will go towards the production of the company's flagship graphic novel titled Dream State Radicals. Rewards include signed posters, name mention...

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Book Tour: Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton (Rude Boy USA #1)
Title: Rude Boy USA Author: Victoria Bolton Series: Rude Boy USA #1 Release Date: 25 December 2015 Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble Summary:  Say good-bye to the era of godfathers. The Chimera Group has put a new face on organized crime. Mob boss Bernie ...

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Book Tour & Giveaway: Bread for the Table by Tara Botel Doherty
    Title: Bread for the Table   Author: Tara Botel Doherty   Release Date: 6 January 2017   Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble   Summary:    Bread for the Table relates a single day in the life of Sage a 30-year-old aspiring jewelry designer working as a ...

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Release Blitz: Dr. Pookie and the Case of his Missing Thought by Izzy Church
Title: Dr. Pookie and the case of his missing thought Author: Izzy Church Release Date: 20 February 2017 Goodreads | Amazon  Summary:  What’s
a bear to do when his friends and neighbors dare to attack his reputation? You
see it is most hurtful not to be app...

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[Recap] Idol x Actor x Megane boy Chapter 15
<---- Previous Chapter Recap I found no English scans for Idol x Actor x Megane boy. So I thought of recapping each chapter from Russian scans. I also include my favourite scenes (usually kisses or strange developments). Enjoy! Rei smiles to Shizuku after a...
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