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Katie Morris
Wife, Mom, Elementary Art teacher, blogger, KAEA webmaster
Wife, Mom, Elementary Art teacher, blogger, KAEA webmaster

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Digital Found Object Faces
Here's a fun lesson I did with my Computer Graphics class at the beginning of the semester. In first semester we focused on a lot of different tools in Photoshop but for this first project of the new semester I wanted students to practice different ways of ...

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Unsung Heroes
I heard about the Unsung Heroes art competition from a former colleague (featured in the video above) and thought it sounded like an awesome project. I decided to use "Heroes" as the first themed project for my high school graphic design class. Some student...

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Painting Boot Camp Year 2
Progressive teaching involves constant reflection on planning, instruction, student engagement, etc. to determine what worked well and what could go better. After last year's painting boot camp , I decided to try a few different things this year.  Tempera (...

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Guest Artist: Kegan Meister
I'm a firm believer in being real with my students and admitting my weaknesses. I'm honest with my students that wheel throwing is not my strength. I didn't do it much in high school and had maybe half a semester on the wheel at ESU. I finally learned to th...

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Elements of Art Photo Scavenger Hunt
Last year I gave my high school students several options for a project to review the Elements of Art . It ended up taking a long time so this year I turned it in to a one day group activity.  It was a safe bet that at least one student in each group would h...

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Drawing Boot Camp Year 2
Last year I tried out boot camps to introduce new media to my high school graphic design students- the idea is to let them test and learn about the different media quickly instead of doing a multi-week project focused on building skills. You can read about ...

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New Kwik Stix!
I have written before about my love for Kwik Stix  so when they asked me if I'd like to try out their new products- Kwik Stix "metalix" and "neons" I jumped at the chance. I think these are one of my almost 6 year old's favorite art supplies, right up there...

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Presidential Campaign Designs
Ever since I took the Visual Culture & Studio Practice class from UNK as part of my Master's program, I've been thinking about assignments that could come up in election seasons . With this year's presidential election generating crazy amounts of animosity,...

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Chopped: Art
I love watching Food Network, especially the shows where chefs use their creativity and think outside the box (or basket?). I always thought that there were a lot of possibilities to bring some of those competitions into the art room. My 8th graders recentl...

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Choice Ceramics Projects
In my last post I shared what we tried last school year for the ceramics boot camp.  After students had sampled each of the basic hand building techniques we covered, they proposed a plan for an independent ceramics project. Here are some of the results. It...
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