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Katie Kelly
Social Media Manager - Brand Listening, Michigan State University
Social Media Manager - Brand Listening, Michigan State University

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Our team is looking for insights into how central university social media communications teams are structured. Specifically, how do you integrate or coordinate your social communications with those of the college/unit level teams at your university?

We're looking to build out a social media users group (both online and in-person) for campus staff who manage university-related accounts. Is there anyone out there doing something similar who might have some tips to offer?

Any Sprinklr users here? I'm just getting started with it - I'm tasked with listening/monitoring - and I am hoping for any tips from anyone who has experience in the system. Thanks in advance!

Does anyone here have experience with CoSchedule? Our team has been using Hootsuite to manage social media, but we're looking for increased editorial calendar functionality. I'm hoping for suggestions / warnings for alternative platforms.

High-end donor stewardship: We're developing a "menu" so-to-speak of various high-level donor stewardship options, including digital or traditional tools. Does anyone have anything out there they'd recommend we check out?

I'm setting up some graphic templates for our social media, blog, website, etc. to ensure that we have a branded visual identity that works across platforms. I'm trying to decide between Canva, Canva for Work, and just going with Photoshop templates and pre-selected filters. Anyone have anything similar or advice from a similar effort?

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A nice reminder that the current/prospective students we communicate to have had very different experiences than we have!

I'm considering hiring an intern to help with tactical things - social posts, etc. I'm very hesitant to give any publishing control up to students who might not know the brand/community as well. Any suggestions/lessons on what practices you've used with interns and social media?

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Has anyone checked out Canva for Work? I'm curious what the pricing structure will look like. I'm also wondering if this is going to lead to departments / faculty "designing" on their own - and leading to brand integration headaches.

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