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Katie Franklin
Health, FItness & Lifestyle blogger
Health, FItness & Lifestyle blogger

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Pimped Quinoa Salad
I know; another quinoa salad recipe. This one is really good, so give it a go! I've just made a huge batch for my lunches this week; it's versatile and easy to pair with so many things (or have it on its own!), so it's perfect for making in bulk. To make ab...

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SANTORINI - Travelling alone to the 'Honeymoon Island'...
Santorini has always been one of those places etched in my mind as a scene of never ending sunsets, turquoise plunge pools overlooking the caldera, white wash stone buildings and honeymoon after honeymoon... So when I decided to travel there, alone, with no...

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Feeling Like A Fraud
If you look at my last post, you'll see that it's dated February. A whole three months ago. Three months where blogging took a back seat in my life due to other things going on in my little world. I didn't not blog because I fell out of love with it, the tr...

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Upgraded Fajita Wraps
A few years ago at Uni, chicken fajita wraps were a staple treat meal, particularly to enjoy with friends. That tradition has carried on and it's something me and James will cook at least every other week as one of our go-to dinners. As much as I love it, i...

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An absolute favourite: Evelyn's, Northern Quarter
You know you have those places that you keep going back to because you love going there so much? Evelyn's  is one of those places for me. I love it. I love the vibe - the laid back botanical decor (the white & green theme is so lovely), the gorgeous menu an...

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Pho Bowl Chorlton
I'd heard a few good things about Pho Bowl , and after experiencing tasty things at the chain Pho, Vietnamese food was high up on my list of new favourite cuisines. I was excited to give this independent Vietnamese restaurant a go and so last week, we went ...

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Introducing the "Why I love..." Series: Running
A lot of people hate running. I absolutely love it. I'm not amazing by any stretch of the imagination, but I can run, and I love doing so. I love knowing that because I've included running in my fitness regime for a number of years now, I wouldn't be phased...

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Jamie's Italian - The Best Superfood Salad?
If you know anything about me, it's that I like to eat out. A lot. It's not unusual for me to eat out twice, sometimes three times a week - I absolutely love it. I love the atmosphere, catching up with family & friends over gorgeous food that someone else h...

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Reflecting on 'Dry November'
It's been an insanely busy, crazy six weeks - hence the lack of blog posts here. I'm sure as I slip back into routine and the festivities feel like a long lost memory, I'll be back blogging regularly, but the last few weeks were mad with work, social & fami...

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Tuesday @ Y Fabrica
When I first moved to Didsbury, Mudcrab was one of my favourite restaurants. I especially loved their signature burger and fries (perfect hangover cure with friends), but was also a place I brought my parents, and I thought they'd got that balance as an all...
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