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Thanks, Stacey. I tried Zotero when it first came out, but didn't learn it well enough to promote it to others. Reading your post, I've decided this holiday I'll read Jason's book and spend some time with it again.
My holiday reading has been Jason Puckett's book on Zotero, " Zotero: a guide for librarians, researchers and educators". Jason is an American Academic Librarian that works with students and is an advocate for Zotero. I had previously followed his blog writings on Zotero. Reading his book has made me reflect upon how I use Zotero both personally and with students. I have been using Zotero personally and with selected students for the past three y...
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Zandy got autocorrected to Sandy. :-)
I love zotero for senior, it's easily my favorite tool

I find it interesting that your buzz and google reader follow on to make
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