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Here's my YOLO (You Only Live Once)...what's yours?
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Is that why you think they named it the Causeway? Oh-oh.
Alex D
A dinner with Katie Couric? ;-)
I have a unique aircraft a variez canard designed by Burt rutan it's my poor mans fighter and blessed that my family supports my passion my yolo is to fly in the backseat of a real fighter what a rush and I think you have done that
I like your life.I like good food cooking and eating.enjoy life. 
my yolo would be one of two things.  Sing a duet w/ you on the broadway musical or base jumping back into the earth's amosphere from outter space
I would love to sing a duet with you Katie on the broadway thingy! <3 Or base jump back into the earth's atmosphere from outer space.  I know it was don once already in 1961 but wow does it look it would be an intense rush and loads of fun!
I haven't answered yet, Ms Couric, because I take this YOLO seriously. I'm at that point where my answer had better be real rather than glib. I'll answer but not right now.
This question made me crazy as I have so many ideas on my bucket list. Now I'm trying to figure out which one is first. In the process I decided I'd like to do something that's never been done before in one of two ways. One's really out around Pluto and one's closed to home. This won't be short but I took your post serious.

I would like to tour, in the cheapest manner so I am closest to the real people not the American tourist, Europe, all the Med countries and more while doing HIRL's and Hangouts On Air along the way. I would do most of these with the locals. At other times I would be creating lots of photos using all the Google apps for the photos to post all over the world. (HIRL= Hangouts On Air With Real People)

I could put events on the air that we would never see any other way. This new medium opens the world.

I would  create Hangout Photo Tours so the workd can see a small part of Northern Spain or Italy or Turkey or ?. At the same time I would try to meet with local politicians on up to, if lucky, some of the national politicians.

With that political Hangout on the Air you could join in as the journalist/co-host along with citizens of that country and perhaps someone from the US government.

The permutations are endless. The ability to reach into the US, anywhere, and have it broadcast for free around the world is a game changer. Imagine  host a Hangout On Air this family and friends talking to a soldier or marine in Afghanistan in real time. They wouldn't wouldn't have to go to a studio or get together in one spot. They just need a broadband and a camera.

 Yes, I would extend the tour that far. Perhaps it's me talking with a member of the new forming government in Iraq. I'm a good interviewer, Ms Couric.

Imagine a tour from Spain to India broadcast live on the G+ stream, YouTube, the tour website and more as Google extends the technology. The posted YouTube is available for anyone to post around the world.

I could host, with you or not, civilized debates between candidates in the US, or Europe, from Germany, for example, with a panel composed of a couple citizens supporting each side of the race who would have the opportunity to ask questions at the appropriate time, a couple of journalists and perhaps a couple Europeans, if it's a US debate.  They have an entirely different view of our process. It doesn't have to be the big race. It could be any race. The publicity could be enormous.

Imagine a real debate. They would not be these nonsense 1 min this and 30 seconds that. This could be a real debate where substance is the goal.

As a moderator with nothing to lose I have no reluctance to simply stop someone who's out of control and/or repeating the same sound bite over and over. I can mute them with a click until they get the point that the moderator isn't a famous celeb newscaster with a lot to lose.

The fine points need polishing. It's never been done. Yet now we don't need a satellite truck or those funky phone cams used during the opening of the Iraq war. Now we have the biggest internet pipeline in the world offering us the opportunity to cruise the world and talk to real people, eat their food, talk to them, create Hangouts with them and write for the blog about the personal experience. Now combine that experience with attempting to get talk to the leaders of a country or a movement. It can be done if the tour is getting ink or a high following. With you involved the viewership would explode.

Remember each broadcast is in live in three ways and curated forever with a Hangout On Air video. You do know HOA's are automatically recorded as YouTube video's and ready to edit if necessary before publishing to the tour website and the world, right?

There is only one thing, other than simple planning and equipping, and that is funding. Funding. Isn't that always the hardest part of any venture? Perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

 It's a helluva idea, Ms. Couric. I hope you are still reading the notification that will go out. Thanks for making me truly think!

PS: As I wrote this post I realized this was far better than this more radical idea and dropped it.

Stuart O'Neill (for fun, dancing, music and a little commentary)
I love to see you Katie,what ever it my be, I really love you.
Katie you don't need old men around you I add vice you choose a guy of 20 to 30 yrs to make feel more better and it must be black person,African guy,to boost you life,I love you I will Always care for you.
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