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Interesting article from the +The Seattle Times. Would you be Facebook friends (or tweet or text!) with your doctor? 
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I kind of like the idea of at least following your doctor on G+. We need to hear more health related things. I would point to +Ted Houk as a good example.
This is has been a growing debate among counselors as well.  Professionals must model appropriate boundaries for clients.  Adding clients as friends on social media sites promotes a dual relationship.  If professionals want to market themselves online they need to set up pages and allow clients to follow pages for information provided by the doctor/counselors etc.  Ethical guidelines also need to be set for doctors that gain popularity or receive television exposure (e.g. Dr. Oz) and then offer advice from an authoritative role that is not in line with professional practice.  Doctors on television commonly market products (most likely because they are paid by those companies) that have not undergone empirical testing. 
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