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Higher minimum wage, universal preschool – what were your thoughts on last night's #StateOfTheUnion? 
The President is using his speech to outline what the White House calls “The President’s Plan for a Strong Middle Class and A Strong America.” There are several new economic proposals included in thi...
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I liked it ALOT!   The Presidents speech was thoughtful and well constructed - he was a professor ya know.  I think we are very lucky to have him in service of our Nation. 
I believe he was proposing a higher minimum wage for Federal workers only.  That doesn't seem right to me.
I think $9/hour is not enough for minimum wage if our leaders MEAN what they say when they want to move Americans from poverty to the middle class.  IMO, nothing under $20/hour will suffice...and $20/hour is the low end.  ~LyssaLee
+Katie Couric Expanding vocational training at the High School level is also a very solid suggestion (?like the Germans'?).  I wish they had had anything other then auto shop when I was in high school in the '70s.
Kids don't need more years in school. We spend plenty of time educating our kids but the smart ones need to get started earlier. Due to no child left behind the smartest young kids get left behind. I didn't learn any math from elementary school. Learned all of it at home from my mom by the time I was 6 then spent 8 years learning almost nothing in math. I'm just now in calc 3 for engineers at 19 while foreign students learned it years ago.
Why not $30 or $40 / hour? Why not $50? Minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage. It's a stating wage

Preschool? Let's clean up our school system first before adding more
Higher minimum wage has the effect of economic stimulus because folks at the lower end of the income spectrum are known to spend what they make on consumer goods rather than saving or investing. The stimulus comes from the private employer instead of the government; making it a more Republican idea.
+Will Wright True.  However when you mandate pay rates you are dirsrupting free markets which is exactly opposite of a conservative idea
I tend to agree that the min wage should be higher, but as it goes up so to the cost of all of the products and services the min wager touches. As that happens the "value" of that new min wage is reduced..... meaning buying power. I'm a believer that in a free market, capitalistic environment you will alway have an upper, middle, and lower class. That system results in those classes being created. It's obviously a very complex problem. 
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