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Activists are saying Ronald McDonald is the new Joe Camel of childhood obesity. Do you think this is a fair comparison?
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No I don't. An occasional McDs meal is not going to hurt you. I have never heard of anyone having an occasional cigarette.
Considering he's a clown of average weight, I wouldn't think this at all. I also think that nobody can force you to shove fast food down your throat. America is democracy. We have the choice. Simply don't choose to eat at McDonalds. Now, if this food was required somewhere, I would have a totally different perspective, +Katie Couric .
It’s the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. Nobody suffers from contact obesity. People can splurge once in awhile. If there were no electronic devices, games, or entertainment kids and adults would be out exercising. TV brought us the couch potatoes. Tobacco always killed. Besides you can eat fast food some of the time without harm. Ironically the poorer you are the more fat in your diet. Forget Ronald and preach personal responsibility and self discipline.
I don't think it's fair that people put the blame on others for their short-comings
McDonald´s and Ronald are not the cause of childhood obesity. They were created before, and will remain long after. Federal grants to corn growers are the cause for obesity in North America. You want an icon or logo...choose Uncle Sam!
No, I agree with +Rick Tormala regarding the fact that kids are playing video games, etc., versus playing outdoors or exercising. It is a shame that the world we live in now we have to worry more about kids playing outside and this is why video games/electronics are the outlet. However, that does not mean eat fast food as a diet but eating it occasionally is not harmful.
let's take some personal responsibility here folks...come on!
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