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Happy to see +Seventeen Magazine is going anti-airbrush. I hope more continue to follow.
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"we are going to show girls as they really are.  with that said, we are only hiring if you are 5'11 and 97lbs"
Now all we need is for Cosmo to stop all their smut at the check out lines. Bad for kids to see.
I can appreciate that Mr. Howard, but I'd still rather have my children view a naked human body (natural) vs. what is normally found on the front cover of most news rags (war, destruction, death).  
@Clancy Cosmo is not picture smut. It's more like "Ladies your purpose in life is to arouse men and let them have you and here is how to do it" article smut. There are teen and pre-teen mags that conform to the same Hollywood values. Should girls be raised to think most all their value is in their sexuality?
No, and that is why discerning retailers use magazine blockers that cover 90% of a mag's cover, leaving only the title to be read.  Requesting such from the retailer you frequent is the best way about making sure your children don't see such things.  If they say no, take your money elsewhere.  
Have you seen what Nicolodean is feeding to kids? Have you seen the clothing lines that make pre-teens look like prostitutes? Have you met the idiot mothers who buy this stuff?
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