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I may be cutting up in this pic, but what is really going on in restaurants hotels & salons is no laughing matter! (It's actually a pretty gross one!) My industry experts take us behind the scenes to expose what is really going on - preview:
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Katie I was disturbed yesterday by the unethical "tip" given by one of your guests as his way to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee.  First he tells a "white lie" to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee by rescheduling his arrival date and then calls again to cancel that reservation within the required time period to avoid a penalty fee. In doing so he has presumably used the hotel's toll free reservation line and spoken with an agent three times or used their online booking service and tied up two hotel rooms for an indeterminate length of time while an actual paying guest might be trying to reserve an unavailable room.  All of which costs the hotel money even if they don't have an unoccupied room due to his "sneaky" maneuver.  

On air you seemed uncomfortable with his "sneaky" tip, but when I went online today I was appalled to see that his "sneaky" tip is being used as a segment teaser.  If he had suggested a "sneaky" way to get discount air fares by calling at the last minute to say that your grandmother had died and you need to get to Boca for her funeral on Saturday, would you advertise that "sneaky" tip? Or if he suggested getting out of a cancelled appointment fee by calling your dentist's office and telling them that your dog had been hit by a car and that you were at the vet's when you are really at the mall as a way to keep out of pocket medical costs down, would that be  a consumer segment that you would be interested in running?  If I was to go on I might come to the conclusion that he is so unethical as to never have gone to any hotel but that he made the whole book up from the sanitized comfort of his home. 
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