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Help for PEOPLE NEW TO GOOGLE+ Here is a profile of a young man, who is trying very hard to get going with circles and his stream. He circled me today. He has a picture, a profile, and many public posts. Maybe this is the type of person we can also try to help.

+Lu Ning
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Thank you, for me I'd rather circle people with 120 followers, public posts, a profile and a picture than someone that comes in, says Google Sucks and then leaves.. no profile and many times noavatar pic.

I can help and have helped many new people get on their feet. I hope +Rahul Roy is on board with this.
Well others have had ideas too, someone circled some people who they searched for that said Google sucks... I didn't find them to be viable people to circle, they just came in to say that and leave. Also +Rahul Roy has a wonderful idea if you take a look at his page. I myself will find people also, and go from there, as well as help the community project he started. Thanks everyone :D
Got to run and get my hair done.. Talk to you later.. and thank you for the shares..
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