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I am unable to load stories in google + photos on my desktop running chrome.
I was previously able to view the stories, but for the last several weeks I just get the message "unable to load story".
New stories are being created, I just can't see anything except the cover photo.  Any idea how to fix this?

I'm wanting to get a chromebook for my 20 year old son.  He is a special needs kid (diagnosed with autism).  He spends several hours a day online, mostly playing games and watching videos and doing various searches.  The problem is that he has no sense about clicking random buttons and his machine frequently gets all mucked up. Then we have to spend a hundred bucks to have the IT guys come out and fix it up.
SO, I'm thinking a chromebook would be the thing for him.  We can even connect it to his bigger monitor when he wants.
I have a pixel myself and I love it.  But I want something different for him.  Aside from the Pixel what is the "best" chromebook currently available?

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I'm glad my friends can "hang out" from gmail.  It's a smaller hurdle to get them to go to gmail to try the multiperson video chat than it is to convince them to sign up for G+ to try it.  
I just read this +TechCrunch article and was like uh, er, huh... nah?

((rolls eyes)) 

Hating on Google is the cool new thing to do, but is it generally based on facts, or rather a desire for pageviews?

What I LOVE is the comments underneath the article. (Read them - they're wonderful! Trust me!) They go to show that maybe while the cool kids of the tech scene may enjoy hating on Google, and pretending that the majority of people feel the same, it just is not true.

Marissa Mayer, I'll stick with gmail, and my hangouts. :)

#google   #techcrunch   #crappyjournalism  

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#birdpoker curated by +Phil Armishaw 
A pelican against the sky in Cabo San Lucas

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Another pelican picture.  This one was following our fishing boat as we returned to port in Cabo San Lucas.

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I rescued these two birds in my backyard recently.
  The hummingbird fell/flew out of a tall tree, landed on a plant next to me (I was on a garden bench), then he hopped up on my clavicle, then after a minute hopped onto my shoulder.  When he moved over to a plant I ran to get my phone.  I took him to Operation WildLife animal rescue because he wasn't able to fly.
Yesterday my dog, Jax,  started doing the "Come quick, Timmy's in the well" bark.  He wouldn't come in and clearly wanted me to come see.  A fledgling hawk was sprawled on the ground with flies all over him.  I brought him in, kept him in a trug on my table overnight, fed him a wee bit of roasted chicken and this morning took him to OWL as well.  He seems unhurt, just wasn't quite ready to leave the nest.
There seems to be a pattern emerging between me and the bird population around here.  Hm...
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