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Kathy Jalivay
Marketing Communications Leader, Wife of a Businessman/Coach, Mother of two student-athletes
Marketing Communications Leader, Wife of a Businessman/Coach, Mother of two student-athletes

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Strategic Marketing Communications Leader - Looking for new opportunity to take a brand and team into digital marketing practices with thoughtful respect to past traditional methodologies.  
Dedicated to consistently delivering successful strategic multi-channel marketing programs that deliver results and inspire internal teams and external customers.
A business builder, talent developer and skilled marketer. I make other people and companies better by providing strategic marketing direction supported with strong creative and data-driven marketing tactics. As an award winning integrated marketing, brand management and public relations professional, I have a proven track record of managing enterprise wide initiatives and positively leading teams toward goals. In my career I have provided year over year growth for companies I have worked for and the agency clients I have served.

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Cole in a scrimmage at SMSU.  He is a freshman WR, going to be redshirted this year, but it sure was great to see him play.  He has great coaches and Mentors at SMSU, we are very proud of him.
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Social media will never die... you just grow with it..

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My Best Friend Melinda starts her new show on May 8th, the first guest is Nicholas David from the Voice.  Should be super cool!  #humor #entertainment   #Thevoice   #NicholasDavid  

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself! Heard that on XM radio the other day.

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I keep trying to tell these young kids what they say on social channels can be seen and isinterpreted in different ways. Don't let your social channels define your character!
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