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I worry, that, like a jilted lover, you could be left behind.
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Inclusion has never looked so good. Gracefully written, well researched essay on Medium by passionate mom:
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Almost finished with the disability leadership training program offered through the Partners in Policy Making:  Pretty excited about the next step. 
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Launching a new brand over on Twitter with a 10 page free report that can empower young adults on the autism spectrum who are already working or who are transitioning from high school into the work place:
The latest Tweets from Kathy H Porter (@kathyhporter). Writer, parent advocate: 10 pg FREE REPORT: how to write job related scripts for ASD adults: New York
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Against what can be insurmountable odds, one teacher hangs on.
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This online support campaign has been extended due to popular demand. Can you help Devyn, a 7 year old little girl and her service dog named Hannah?
Buy a t-shirt to support Devyn, We Will Be Your Voice! Please share!
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I'm a friend of Devyn's mom and on her behalf, am reaching out to as many people as i can so that her story can be heard. Please read the article on the 13WHAM web site and then read thru the comments to find the online petition that you can sign to help be Devyn's voice.
Reported by Patrice WalshGates, N.Y. - Its a fight that began two and a half years ago.Heather Perei
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Here's the link to the online petition:
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This one call to action will change the world
Let’s work together to help change this. The Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities aims to expand opportunity and independence for people with disabilities. Click here to take part.
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Do you tsu (pronounced "sue")? It's a new social platform that includes a pay platform for its users. It's by invitation only - I joined yesterday and am still figuring things out. I like what I've seen so far and would love to have you join me.
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Sounds interesting - kind of a downer that you have to fill out personal information before you can look at the content, though.
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One piece of America
I was four years old, standing on the platform with my brother and my Mom, the smell of diesel in my nose, the huge train engine rolling to a stop in front of me.  We were moving from New Mexico to New York and traveling by rail.    And so began my devoted romance with…
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Writing solutions for adults on the autism spectrum one guest blog post at a time.
I'll tell you a secret: I've been parenting for almost 30 years. The past 10 have been really hard because a lot of what's in place to support autistic adults as they transition into the work place really sucks.

Here's another secret: most of the changes taking place to improve the lives of the intellectually and developmentally disabled are being driven by parents.

Don't believe me? Look around in your community, Pay close attention to parent support groups with a 10 year track record. THIS is where tomorrow's solutions for autistic adults are incubating.

I'm one of those parents. Not too long ago, I got really pissed off on my son's behalf and came up with a plan.

By all that I hold dear and using everything that I know, I'm writing solutions (re thriving in the work place) for autistic (ASD) adults one guest blog post at a time.

Judging by the over 3,000 social media shares for my post, 10 Surprising Things Parents of Autistic Grads Must Know, I'd say I struck a nerve with other parents.

Want to help me change the world? Grab my 10 page free report about how to write empowering job related "scripts" for young adults with Asperger's when you sign up for my newsletter,

How I got here:

Exploring the relationship between people and dogs, I write about this powerful and emotional connection on Healing Rescue Dogs because I believe that dogs are natural teachers. All we have to do is actively listen to them.

After blogging for two years, I wrote my first book: Love Always Wags Its Tail, The Dogs That Changed My Life. It's available on Amazon's Kindle platform (digital download) and on Amazon's Create Space (print-on-demand) in paperback.

Healing Rescue Dogs changed its focus shortly after my son adopted a pit bull terrier mixed breed dog; we named her Gracie.

As my son worked to show our neighbors that dog stereotypes about pit bulls aren't true, he started his own self-advocacy journey.

Once that happened there was no turning back. 

Bragging rights
I still believe that miracles happen every day.
  • State University of New York at Brockport
    Education , M.Ed., 1984 - 1986
  • Connecticut College
    English, BA, 1972 - 1976
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