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Google+ Tips: Best Practices For Creating Content
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Before you begin filling up that empty text box, here are a few things to think about:

1. Give your post a headline
To do this, put an * before the first and after the last word. With no space. Like this:* bold text * ➜ bold text

2. If you think your post might be shared, plan to add a permalink.
Google+ does not share the link of shared post, just a link to the author. After you post, you'll simply copy the permalink [right-click on the timestamp] and then edit [click the dropdown arrow (▽) in the upper right of the post] to add the link.

3. Consider adding tags, with or without the hash
Google is now supporting G+ search. You might add a tag or two at the bottom of your post to help that along. (No idea if it will really help at this point.)

4. Decide if the post should be a public or limited share
This relates to your reasons for being here, and it relates to what the people who are following you expect to hear from you. Recognize that if you share a YouTube clip, for example, with just your circles, someone in your circle will not be able to make that post public. Just sayin'. Also, Google+ defaults to your last share -- if it was a public share and you want this one to be limited, you will need to x-out the public button on the shared line.

• Click “Add More People” to add individual circles or to make a post public
• To share with an individual (or to add an individual to the share line), “tag” them (FB lingo): press the @ or + key, which triggers a scrollable box of names. Google converts the @ to a + inline and adds the person to the share line.
• Click the “x” in any shared ID (person or circle) to delete it
What have I missed?
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Thanks Kathy.. I appreciate the tips on how to make use of this tool.
if you put the mouse pointer over one of the circles or persons you have added as recipients of the post, you can choose to notify these people of your entry. This means they will get a notification (possibly even by mail) even if they didn't see the post first (but they won't get upadates unless they participate, and don't mute the post). So use this option wisely.

I think that's all you missed, great post!
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