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Google Takeout: Adding Insult To Injury
If you get a warning that your Google+ account is "in review" -- that is the time to download your content. Now that I've inexplicably been changed to "suspended", the "take your content when you go" ("Google Takeout") option doesn't work.

You can access the page, but the server, she does not listen. :-/

And no, I don't think this is related to server overload due to new signups. I tried it several times -- starting last night when I discovered I was suspended.

Profile Suspended = Profile 404 (20 Aug)

My Personal Profile Has Been Flagged (16 Aug)

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That's just plain wrong! I guess you need a service which routinely backs-up your data (perhaps to a different cloud) via takeout so that if something like this happens you still have access to YOUR data.
Thanks, everyone. +David Violino, that makes me even more upset. :-/

How did you get from AK to Columbus? I'm from Albany, btw.
Oh! Another southerner, at least by geography. ;-)

I went from SE to NW!
This is huge, especially if governments eventually join in and need to backup all their communications. Backupify is the standard I've heard of for other SNS..
I do use backupify for other accounts. 
Hi +Kathy Gill, I'm the engineering manager for The Data Liberation Front, which is the team responsible for Google Takeout. If your account has been suspended for "name issues", you should absolutely be able to get at your data in Google Takeout--in fact, we fixed a number of bugs that were preventing this over a month ago. The Data Liberation engineers are looking into this ASAP. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it may take us a few days as we have to figure out exactly what's wrong, so I ask for your patience.
+David Violino Thanks for the data liberation link. I have been reinstated. I've learned that another friend, who was bounced, apparently, because her email address had her full business name, was reinstated, too, although I don't think she had done anything to try to get reinstated. I wonder if there were a lot of reinstatements concurrent with opening up the service.
+Kathy Gill I understand--we're digging into it right now. To sum up: a) this is supposed to work, and b) we're looking into it ASAP.
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