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For my #uwsmc  folks ...
Sharing the deck I presented yesterday at ClickZ Live in New York with Erin Zefkeles from Microsoft. Hope you find it useful!
I mentioned in my public speaking best practice post that I was presenting at ClickZ Live NY with Microsoft this week on Personal Branding for Digital Marketers.Here's the deck:Many of the principles
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Kathy E. Gill

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The Mission Control team at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston confirmed Friday night that a backup computer on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS) called a Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (MDM) is not responding to commands. The station's MDM computers control some systems associated with robotics aboard the space station. The primary MDM operating aboard the space station is functioning normally and there is no immediate impact to space station operations. The computer outage does not pose a risk to the six crew members aboard the space station. ISS teams are assessing next steps to attempt to bring the computer back online or replace it. Replacing the backup MDM, if needed, would require a spacewalk. The backup MDM would provide redundancy for robotic systems that will be needed to attach the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft currently scheduled to launch on Monday and rendezvous with the ISS on Wednesday. NASA is continuing to work toward a Monday launch of the SpaceX cargo resupply mission pending further evaluations by the ISS Program. The latest information will be available at
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It's probably a BSOD with their embedded WinXP OS. Just needs a reboot :)
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Double rainbow! #eastgate #bellevue #seattle
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Belated thanks!
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Kathy E. Gill

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You may have seen this video the past day or two -- but I'm guessing that you saw a bootleg copy.

Share. The. Original!
This is from October 28, 2011 - Taipei, Taiwan 
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Kathy E. Gill

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The ultimate hipster glasses^^ (still want a pair)
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Kathy E. Gill

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Blatant guilt trip > please help King County Elections w/website (re)architecture. Online card sort for primary navigation - 10 minutes, max! I'd bribe you if I could. [Helpful even if you don't live in King County - voters are voters!]
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This is a great tool!  Thanks for the invitation.
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Ah. Now I need to remember to post this to FB!
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New tool for aggregating Twitter hashtags. This is the program I'm teaching in this quarter. #uwsmc  
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Hi, Angie -- I'm not sure what you mean by the first question. But yes, they do talk to one another -- somehow TagBoard is pulling hashtags from G+.
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What a wonderful surprise!

Assistant Professor Chao-Lin Kuo surprises Professor Andrei Linde with evidence that supports cosmic inflation theory; Kuo et al captured the first images of gravitational waves / ripples in space-time or ripples in space-time. These waves have been described as the "first tremors of the Big Bang."

More about the science: 
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Kathy E. Gill

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Screenwriters, take notice.
WANTED: Writers!
WIGS is now working with The Black List to find a writer. More info here:
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    1979 - present
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    Educator, writer, researcher, 2003 - 2011
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  • Boeing
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University of Washington, Seattle
Digital evangelist, rabble-rouser, educator, writer, motorcyclist | @kegill
Short: Teach digital media at U of WA. Write @ Manage website for King County Elections. Motorcyclist and MSF instructor.

LongerI have almost 20 years experience in digital media—both development and instruction. I currently manage the website for King County Elections and teach undergraduate, graduate and continuing education courses at the University of Washington. I helped create the web design program at Seattle Central Community College and was an advisor to Lake Washington Technical College as it added a bachelor's program (and subsequently became Lake Washington Institute of Technology). My consulting work includes writing about U.S.politics for, one of the top 10 visited Web content sites on the Internet; currently I write about politics and technology at I have worked with AT&T Wireless, Boeing, Microsoft, SAFECO, and the University of Washington on intranet projects.

AvailabilityI am available for speaking engagements, training sessions/workshops, interviews (radio, TV, print), strategic communication development (specifically related to digital), writing. I can also put together custom motorcycle safety training classes (with enough notice!).

The Kinds Of Stuff I Share Here
  • Technology and ... society, journalism, education, politics
  • News and commentary with a tilt towards the later
  • Seattle-specific events
  • Science and science fiction
What you won't find in my stream:
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How Does This Differ From @kegill?
That's a question I'm still struggling to answer. I do sometimes cross-post -- sometimes my post to Twitter is the link to G+. Usually, tweets are to interesting material in the above topics but where I don't feel the need to write a long prelim or make a comment.

Along with +Jon Pincus, developed WeGetPlus as a resource for figuring out how to use Google+. It's not a "latest news" site but one with, we hope, clear tips and guidance. We've been on a bit of a hiatus given the broohahah with #nymwars but are resuming work given Google's assurance it will support pseudonyms. But our joy is gone.

Once-upon-a-time, was curating an educator -- -- and a journalists -- -- list of Google+ Profiles at

Historical Bio
I've been online since the early 1990s, having discovered CompuServe before Marc Andreessen launched Mosaic at the University of Illinois in 1993. I ran one of the first political candidate websites in Washington State in 1995, when Jim Waldo made an unsuccessful bid for governor. I then rode the dot-com boom as a communication consultant who could speak web, until the crash. In 2001, I began my third career, as a full-time academic, first teaching techies about communications and now teaching communicators about technology. In 2011, I began working part-time with King County Elections, managing the website and a redesign effort. Since 2000, I have also taught newbies how to ride motorcycles! 

Educator with passion for new media; maintain credibility in the classroom by working on select new media projects. Contractor/consulting experience with most Puget Sound major firms; college-level teaching since the late 90s, including prior teaching for Dale Carnegie. Technical skills (XHTML, CSS, XML) plus soft skills (project management, leadership, communication). Award winning writer; two stints as a writer for

Here's what you see when you search for my name or handle on Google:  

  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Georgia
  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
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