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+Krista Butler over at Food Savvy has written this great summary on the many reasons why our Grannies were healthier than we are today.
We have a lot to learn from our wise great-grandmothers. Start thinking about how you can mimic parts her lifestyle (but perhaps don't bring back the big poofy dresses- let's leave that in the past) and you (and your children and grandchildren) will ...
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thank you for sharing, Kathy!

Kathy Block

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Thought I'd share this circle I've been keeping for a little over a year now to help all the new G plusers out there find their favorite real food bloggers ...
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Kathy Block

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Gotta love these old-fashioned recipes ... they always make me smile.  Thanks +Our Heritage of Health 
Did you know that most plum pudding recipes don't actually have any plums in them at all? I had no idea about this until just last year. And this whole time I thought the Cratchets were eating plums in A Christmas Carol ;)

Plums or no plums, though, this old-fashioned pudding is one of my favorite holiday desserts to make every year:
Made famous by Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, plum pudding is one of those quintessential holiday desserts that will forever be associated with the Christmas season. For many of us, though, plum pudding is one of those holiday traditions that we see in holiday movies or read about in books, but have never actually tasted ourselves. …

Kathy Block

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New post is online!  A Guide to Picking Recipes for the Absolute Beginner ...
Is this the stuff of nightmares for you? You spot a mouth watering recipe on Pinterest. It’s from scratch, a real, real-food recipe so you’re pretty excited! Your gonna make this one yourself! You go to the store, get the stuff, come back and start working but that beautiful recipe turns out like this:

Kathy Block

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New post is up!  Are Visions of Halloween Candy Binges Haunting You?
It’s that time of year where all the kiddos look forward to that night of all nights, second only to Christmas, Halloween night and Trick or Treating! I’ll bet that as a real food eating parent you look to this night with some degree of anxiety. You’ve spend a lot of time and energy learning all about how all that candy your kids will be gifted with during their Halloween night rounds is very very bad for them. While the night with the kids, t...

Kathy Block

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New easy to make recipe!  Crockpot Beef Stroganoff ...

Kathy Block

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New post is up ... a continuation on the Whole Grains theme.  Whole Grains Have a Sketchy Past
Have you considered that historically people ate grains that weren’t really whole grains? Nor were they completely refined in the modern sense? That perhaps the traditional processing of grains was done with the goal of a highly refined product but that goal could not be reached given the technology? So throughout history people ate grains that were somewhere in-between modern bleached enriched flours and rough coarse 100% whole grain flour? ...

Kathy Block

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Maybe Walmart doesn't have the lowest prices after all ;-)  ... At least I think this is Walmart!
I know chex mix is real popular during the holidays, but this is insane

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Ha! Maybe it's for the whole bin!

Kathy Block

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New recipe online this morning!  White Country Gravy ...

Kathy Block

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Latest recipe is up!  Chicken and Dumplings, yum!

Kathy Block

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New post is up!  Wait!  Don't Throw Out All the Processed Food at Once!
It’s easy to think that without the food you no longer wish to eat around to tempt everyone that they’ll just have to eat all the healthy stuff you’re planning to buy to replace it. It’s easy to imagine that sure, there will be a little complaining but they will soon get adjusted. And you as the head cook and bottle washer, well you’ve got a list of recipes and plans of the things you’ll make with all the good ingredients you’re about to buy. ...

Kathy Block

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New Granny recipe is online!  Cream of Broccoli Soup by +Colleen Anderson of Five Little Homesteaders ...
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