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I've helped plan my own area's Mormon Helping Hands #dayofservice 3 years. It's been a rewarding experience to reach out into the community to bless many. But this year, for me, it went beyond the expected...
Meet Alice. I first noticed her, from a distance, behind the lens of my camera. The light in her eyes immediately caught my attention. I couldn't resist taking her picture. When she noticed me, sh...
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Great article. We are still trying to decide on a service project for our Ward. The past couple years we have done it as a Stake, but they wanted each Ward to focus on our neighborhood needs this year. Hopefully we get on the ball and do something before it gets too hot here.
+Miles Meyer That's interesting, since MHH is under the direction of the stake public affair's arm and is intended to be a bridge buidling effort for the local stake president. Doing it on the stake level allows the church to reach out to community leaders to create positive interfaith relations. Let me know how this is accomplished on your ward level? No matter, service in an of itself is always a positive. :)