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Kathryn Kure
It's a bad day when I don't learn something new.
It's a bad day when I don't learn something new.

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The argument being made here (before Google Local Guides even) was about the importance for micro-enterprises and particularly those in the craft sector to be searchable online via a map.

First published on the 24 August 2013 in the Saturday Star.

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Another article wiped by the attack on The Marketing Site which I am republishing here instead.

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This interview with Neil Vose was originally published at The Marketing Site which was recently taken down by a massive hacking attack, so I am republishing it here.

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This really says so much about pursuing a difficult path towards a challenging goal. A great story of perseverance against many odds. 

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Afrikaner Mince

That's what our daughter calls it anyway ... but it's a cultural blend really of lightly curried mince (ground beef) with frozen vegetables and potatoes cubed very small added to the pot.

It's not at all a traditional type of curry especially since its main ingredient is beef (sacred cows are never eaten).

To make:

Saute 4 onions
One green pepper (capsicum)
Add 8 tablespoons mild curry
2 tablespoons tumeric
Brown 2.5 kgs mince
Add 1 kg frozen vegetables
4 large tablespoons apricot jam
2 teaspoons garlic
4 peeled cubed potatoes

Serve with rice or with vetkoek. 
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Two little monkeys sitting in a tree ...

The large flowers of the Strelitzia nicolai or Natal banana are a delicacy much loved by the vervet monkeys.

Can you see them up in the tree?

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Split Pea and Ham Soup

It really is so easy to make, easy to keep in portion sizes in the freezer too. Our girl-child loves it, so we always have mini portions set aside just for her.

The main thing with any dish requiring onions is to caramelise the onions. That is the most important thing. For the rest - read the recipe below :-)

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Setaria sphacelata var. anceps

We call it golden bristle grass but it is also known as African pigeon grass, African millet grass, amongst many other common names.

The birds just love it, and you can see why, given the bountiful seeds that it carries. Usually the heads are heavy and sway in the wind; I was lucky to get this shot of the grass bowed down by much mist.

We are planting more and more of it in our grassland, since it is very hardy and - did I mention previously that the birds love it? The birds love it.

It's also a remarkably pretty addition to your grassland and aloe garden. Why only put in aloes when you can have grasses as well?

A definite winner.


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"The one party that has remained deadly silent in the raging Sassa debate has been Grindrod Bank. They have shied away from all publicity and their part in the Sassa and Net1’s Cash Payment Services debacle, choosing to stay in the shadows. I thought it would be worthwhile to give Grindrod Bank their moment in the spotlight. It also offers the Board of Directors of Grindrod an opportunity to step in and do the right thing."

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A pretty little insect

Glad it's not gobbling up flowers in my back yard though! 
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