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Check out our GCE book. 50% off! :)
Want a great intro to Google Compute Engine? Our book is on sale today for half off! 

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Julia on GCE: working with files

This is the second part of the Julia on GCE series, which addresses how to pull in files from Google Cloud Storage and save your results straight from your Julia program or script.

Caution/teaser: code ahead

#JuliaLang   #GCE   #GCS   #GoogleCloudPlatform  

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Julia on Google Compute Engine: part 1

This blog entry takes you through setting up and configuring your instance to run the Julia programming language, from either the Debian package, or compiling from scratch. It's the first in a series on using Julia with the +Google Cloud Platform. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or suggestions for future entries.

Happy data processing!

#GCE   #GoogleCloudPlatform   #JuliaLang  

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Compute Engine is now generally available! Run high-performance virtual machines in Google data centers. We're offering expanded operating system support, no downtime with live migration, cheaper pricing, and a whole lot more:

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Here's a short video I made that demonstrates how to create a Google Cloud SQL database and then shows how to use it from PHP pages running on Compute Engine and App Engine.

Getting Started with Google Cloud SQL

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My video at PyCon APAC 2013 is finally up :)
Does Python dream of being unleashed? by Takashi Matsuo

This talk is about a new App Engine runtime named VM Runtime (VM-based backends in the video) that we’re currently developing. VM Runtime allows you to run your App Engine application on Google Compute Engine instances, so that your application will be free from App Engine’s sandbox.

Can you believe me? With VM Runtime, you’ll be able to use up to 52 GB of memory, use any C modules or Java classes, and even listen to arbitrary network ports, from within your App Engine applications.

Since we want to collect feedback from testers, we are running an Early Access Program for this feature. If you’re interested in, please sign up using the following form:

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A new "root access Berlin" video is out. This time Nacho tells us how to master the NoSQL beast, and more specifically, the AppEngine datastore.

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Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Today, I'm especially proud to be a part of the +Google Cloud Platform Developer Relations team, which is home to some amazing women engineers. Below, +Kathryn Hurley, a Developer Programs Engineer for GCE, interviews Hilary Mason of Bitly in the #WomenTechmakers series.

I've had fantastic role models over the course of my career thus far, who have encouraged me, provided guidance, and poked me with a stick when I wasn't putting in enough effort! They've stayed with me over the years, available for phone calls and responsive to my pleas for advice over email. I'm lucky to have them.

Who has inspired you to pursue your path in technology?


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Here's a new video I created that demonstrates how to use Google Compute Engine's new load balancing feature.

Hands on with Load Balancing on Google Compute Engine

Take a look and see how easy it is to distribute your traffic across a cluster of web servers. 
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