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I love this so much xoxo

As a scrawny woman, lemme just say: I AM JEALOUS OF DAT LUSCIOUSNESS!! :D Confidence, confidence, confidence ladies. I promise to love myself, if you promise to love yourself too xoxo
so... how ass backwards is it that (according to some of the research I've seen) that men prefer a woman around a size 12 and that women think they should look like a 6 and that the average size for a woman is 16?

so the women that men are really attracted to won't think they're attractive and thereby decrease their attractiveness (in attitude or behavior) because they don't believe that men will find them attractive due to their size which is untrue because men really like a woman around a size 12?


low self esteem is not sexy. don't buy into the hype. love your body. if you don't love your own body-you'll not take care of it. healthy is the new sexy... whatever the size.

confidence... there is nothing sexier than that.

models below left to right sizes 8, 12, 14
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