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Proud Late Bloomer

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I'm working on something secret that I'm dying to show you.....! Oh we'l hopefully I'll be allowed to show you soon.

Cleaning out some drawers and I found 2 high quality Kolinsky sable brushes (size 2) This is exactly like finding lost treasure!

I keep reading about all the money that is being spent on security for 45's family, and imagining how my school libraries that could fund. 

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#5DailyGratitudes: sleeping in, small gifts of love, pets and kids to snuggle, organising, anticipating!

#5DailyGratitudes: A fun class, feeling energized, a long weekend, cinnamon hearts, watching the sky start to light up before sunrise.

Time to get ready to teach my class. I'm feeling weird tonight... like a 10 year old on a sugar high #ThisShoudGoWell.

#5DailyGratitudes: Patience, gratitude, hope, pragmatism, love

#valentinesday brings dinner made by my husband and flowers and candy from my daughter. Oldest daughter gave me a hug and said boys stink.

#5DailyGratitudes: Chinooks, breakfast with my wee wonder, having a job I love, kids who still celebrate valentine's day with me, snuggles

#5DailyGratitudes: a good night's sleep, a short work week, nice warm socks, feeling optimistic, kids who are smarter than I am.
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