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Proud Late Bloomer


Smöl Plaguechild has infected me. I has the plague now. 🤧

#5DailyGratitudes: our family doctor, cookies and milk, chicken soup, warm feet, warm hearts.

#5DailyGratitudes: co-workers who kick butt, amazing women everywhere, my mom who still kills it, students who make everything worthwhile, scheduling drawing time.

Buying the 9.7 inch iPad pro last year was a huge step forward in my creative process... Now I have to figure out how to make enough money to buy the 12.9 inch model. (for art - size does matter). The one I have is awesome - I just need more room. The stopping and resizing and restarting makes things awkward.

Maybe I should sell custom avatars to fundraise? :-)

#5DailyGratitudes: new tools, family time, the sun on my face, machines that wash my stuff, looking for beauty every day.

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The new Clip Studio App for the iPad is pretty sweet.... but I'm dreading the subscription....


Good morning G+. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. Tell me about your plans for the day. We are baking bread, listening to the Remembrance Day ceremonies on the radio, and I will be trying out the new Clip Studio Paint app on my iPad ..

#5DailyGratitudes: finding my favourite pencil, getting back to drawing, reconnecting with the family, the end of this wretched cold, coffee

Evening #5DailyGratitudes: Advil, soft tissues, fluffy pillows, snuggly cats, all day pj day.

Back from the conference in New Mexico, and I brought back the con-cold and feel terrible. Although I loved Albuquerque, What a lovely city.

That being said I'm really glad to be home. Where the coffee is good, the cat is aloof and the family swarms over me like ants to honey. :-)
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