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Kathleen Ralph
Proud Late Bloomer
Proud Late Bloomer

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#5DailyGratitudes: Friday, the first solitary cup of coffee, talking about art, planning family time, the neighbour's dog.

#5DailyGratitudes: Brunch w/ excellent coworkers, breaking out the spring clothes, time to draw, a good night's sleep, pears

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#5DailyGratitudes: big umbrellas, creative assignments, deep cups of coffee, snoring cats, leftovers for lunch! 

#5DailyGratitudes: lattes, breakfast with small nerdchild, dreams about making art, blossoms, washi tape with bunnies on it!

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Yesterday's Hope and Harry is about compromise...

#5DailyGratitudes: flowering trees, audiobooks, an upcoming long weekend, leftovers for lunch, baby trees

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#5DailyGratitudes: Sleeping through the night, flower buds on the trees, bird song, being proud of my kids, Friday!

#5DailyGratitudes: hot coffee, hot water, sweet smelling soap, pizza for lunch, kids who make me proud.
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