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Want to check out our Private Group on FB   to see what planet Joe is from   :-)    Send me a message and I will add you....lots of Wisdom shared just for the price of visiting the group......

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This post has some really great ideas to set a marketer apart from the norm...
How to ‘Do’ Influencer Marketing: 11 Real-Life Examples
Relationships online are not all that different from relationships in the real world.
If you want to get noticed, take the time to be valuable. Be creative. Make the person feel special. Find ways to help them.
On the web, some people will never notice, just like some people never notice in the real world.
But some will. Some will notice and thank you. Others will notice and befriend you. Still others will notice and partner with you.
There’s no recipe, no right or wrong way to do influencer marketing.
Here are just some of the ways that caught my attention. Real-world people. Real-world examples.
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Would this make you feel more secure or anxious if you got an alert someone just opened your luggage .....Love that you track it...if you had connecting flights.

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As an Entrepreneur you don’t need anyone to coddle you,
but there may be times when you may are feeling invisible,
only tolerated, not measuring up, or don’t feel like you fit
into a perceived click…

Each one of us is on a different journey and I don't
know where you might be in yours, so my position is to
embrace and help you move forward from the point where
you are at, so that you can accomplish the goals and have
the lifestyle that you would like to live.

Sometimes it takes more self development to overcome past
beliefs like these that can hold you back.

Find a place that you will be celebrated and not just tolerated

Ask the questions:

Who Am I ?
Who is asking the Question?
Then just listen and Breath

What do I really want for my life at this stage of my life?
What do I want now?
What is my purpose in life now?
What am I grateful for?

Be still and listen
Life will move you into the answers.

Then focus on where you are at and what you can do .

Sometimes we are lead to people to take a deeper look at
ourselves so we can grow and learn more of life’s lessons
as we travel down our path.

Find a platform that works for your personality, where you
will meet and engage with others. There are so many social
networks out there with Thousands of people and some of those
people are waiting to hear your message and every day that
you hold that message back you would be depriving somebody
from being able to move forward on their journey.

At the end of the day it is still Your life and Your business ..

Work It like your life depends on it and reap the rewards…. Blessings!!!!

Kathleen Packard

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Which Way Do I Grow....Do you feel confused, frustrated, and even maybe lost….

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