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Now you can decide who can notify you on Google+!

Circles give you control over who you share with on Google+ and who you see content from.
Many of you have asked for similar controls over who can send you notifications, so today we're rolling out a new option in Google+ settings: “Who can notify you.” You can update your settings at

This setting controls who you’ll get notifications from, if they:
• Share with you individually
• Select ‘Notify about this post’ (when sharing to a circle you’re in)
• +Mention your name
• Invite you to a hangout
• Invite you to play or send you messages from a game

You’ll still be notified if someone comments on one of your posts or adds you to a circle.

We’ve set the “Who can notify you” setting to Extended circles ( as the default, but you can change this to be Your circles, Anyone, or a custom selection of specific circles and individuals. We’ll be rolling this out slowly, so if it’s not available for you yet check back soon. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.
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but when will we be getting #hashtags?
I don't see this option at all on mine? I only have who can start a messenger conversation with me. Has this taken effect already?
I do not see this option yet in G+ settings.
+Randy Hoopes +Annie Jennings "We’ll be rolling this out slowly, so if it’s not available for you yet check back soon" :o)

Like that very much, will cut down on the notification spam. The question for me is though: I do not want mails for that but I still want to see the notification on it.
+Nicole Simon you can prevent email notifications from getting sent if you uncheck the notification types in the Receive notifications section.
Great improvement, but the default should be "Your circles".
+Kathleen Ko i can switch on and off the notification. meaning that if anybody adds me, i get the mail. I do not want to turn off the mail per se, I just want to turn it off for people not in my circle. I assume that with the current implementation as suggested above it will be a similar either or choice.

either you switch on that people can notify you. then it will be presented in the notification tab and you receive mail, for all of it.
or you switch it only to your circles which will probably mean that everything outside these circles will not result in a notification and thus not in a notification through mail.

Put aside the mail problem and answer me this:
If I set the setting to 'only in my cirlce', where will i see when people outside of my circle have used +Nicole Simon?
Do I assume correctly that this only impacts my display of notifications or will they be unable to add a +name to their posting?
+Andrew Gilmore even without linking to you, if I write down your name with the posting, it will be attached - and then what?
This is extremely helpful, especially for larger accounts where we have to filter an increasing amount of notifications. Thanks G+!
+Nicole Simon , you'll still get those activities in your stream. This setting just throttles the amount of spammy notifications you'll get about them.
Must be a controlled roll-out - I don't see it either.
Thanks Google! This was making notifications useless for me. Glad that you're reacting so fast!
+Kathleen Ko please don't set it to extended circles by default. Right now I use Google+ as an e-mail substitute, meaning that when I have something important to tell someone I don't know in person (e.g. feedback and UI proposals for an Android app developer) I just share a post with them, knowing that they will get a notification.

If you set this to extended circles by default everyone is going to lose this functionality, and no one will be able to rely on Google+ as a messaging solution. On the other hand, if you set it to public by default, people getting too many notifications will always be able to block individual offenders or (if they're particularly famous people and many people mention them) set it to extended circles themselves.

Please, please set it to public by default. Don't make this mistake.
Greg M
I sure the heck hope I can disable notifications of people adding me to circles. I do not need those notifications. Please allow us to disable notifications on a post by post basis without having to mute and thereby loose the thread completely in our main stream. I still want to read the posts but not be constantly alerted.
+Greg M a few days ago I wrote some feedback asking for "hide this post" in the notifications dropdown to be replaced with "mute this post" as in "still show it on my stream but don't notify me anymore". Seems I'm not the only one to think this way.

+Kathleen Ko you do realize that this encourages misuse of comments? Right now if I share a post with someone I don't know for sure that they will be notified, but if I type the same message as a comment to one of their posts (even if it's about something totally unrelated) they certainly will.

I really think you're looking at this from the wrong angle.
+greg m Hiding notifications from adding to circles is already a setting now. 
Hi +Kathleen Ko. I would like to have the option of NONE in the "Who can start a messenger conversation with you" ... That's too annoying when people I have on my circle start talking to me... I just want to see their post, I don't want them to chat with me! .... I've submited this on feedback severals times.... I just hope it be on process
+Idrialis Castillo Messenger will probably have the same options as notifications: everyone, extended circles, circles, or custom. Would make sense, at least.
Greg M
+Kathleen Ko Why is it that one still can not apparently disable notifications when someone adds me to their circles? I say apparently because I do not yet have this option and so I am going on an article at TechCrunch "you’ll still get notified if someone comments on your posts or adds you to a new circle, inexplicably"
+Andrew Gilmore I think there's a difference of direction: +mentions may bring people to your profile, but tagged pictures are seen by your circles and can be found from your profile.

Your mom, for example, won't see where you were mentioned but will see where you were tagged.

I think that difference justifies mentions and tags being treated differently.
When can I use my real email instead of the gmail address that Google forces me to use to login? Better yet, don't force me to have a gmail address to authenticate with Google. duh.
I know the new option to restrict the "Who can send you notifications?" looks kinda good and all, but BE VERY CAREFUL when using it.

if you enable it to a very restricted circle you will NEVER receive them.
use with extreme care, or you will end up alone.

I've seen ppl mixing this with the "Notify this circle" which is NOT the same.

this options is for ANY kind of Notifications (aka when the notification bar goes RED).

please share! share the knowledge
to be very clear..... this new option is NOT only about "Notify this circle". that is only a sub part of the notifications
I would like control over each circle and what they can see and share. Like having a circle that includes those that you want to hold on to but don't want to see their posts.
Mentioning you or just typing your name, anyone looking for you would find it no matter what.

If someone is writing slanderous posts about you and linking them to your profile I'm sure you can ask him to remove them (if he's a friend with a weird concept of friendship) or report him. I'm pretty sure that must be against the rules.
+Ted Howard why would you be using Google services such as Google plus if you aren't prepared to meet the requirements to USE those services, such as you need to have a gmail account. No one is telling you to drop your other email address. Example: If you want free checking at bank of america or a loan from bank of america, you have to have an account with bank of america. No one is telling you to drop the bank account you already have, but there is no way bank of america is going to let you use their services by verifying you with your citibank account.
I'm not sure what the fuss is about to begin with. Google is offering a setting to reduce the number of notifications you get. Why is everyone worried about what someone else is saying about you? Are you seriously running to the notification area to see what someone else said about you? To me the setting allows you to control what groups of people you get notifications from, aka everyone, extended groups, your groups, only yourself, or customize it. Why all the drama?
+Andrew Gilmore you, sir, are very right. Its not just about what user can see, as someone could think. Its about what everybody on this planet could write about me and then anybody else on this planet could find and use against me. For example by not giving you a job, not make a contract with you etc. And everybody has somebody in his/her life, who hates him/her, and if theres an easy way how to hurt them, they will use it. If google+ is mentioned almost as internet curriculum vitae, we should be able to prevent it from attacks from...well,everybody
+Kathleen Ko I'm bothered by a culture of one-way celebrity worship. I know that for them being able to handle the volume is a problem, but I don't think merely ignoring less privileged people is a good answer; it just perpetuates their bubbles. :-/

Couldn't the system be designed to instead, say, aggregate and accurately sort mentions, figure out which things are asking for response vs simply being comments, etc? Rather than ignoring the masses because they're annoyingly loud, just listen better.
Well, the feature is there, use it any way you wish or don't use it. I like having settings to customize "my" experience.

I don't see a need to judge its merits. The new setting was announced and is available, you are not required to use it. I hope people can say thanks to Google for their hard work to provide you something FREE!
I'm with +Greg M on this one, I'm tired of the constant notifications of people adding me, make it an option to turn off those (not just e-mail / phone notifications, but actually including it in the notifications area).
Hai +Kathleen Ko thank you for the update.
Just want to know, I can see setting to Who can send you notifications? but why I can't see Who can start a messenger conversation with you?.
Fantastic - this is really great!
Greg M
I have reset this to Anyone aka bypass this option entirely. As I do not have hundreds of people in my circles my extended circle (default setting) is rather too limited thereby reducing the notifications to 0. As far as I am concerned this change is useless to me. The way this has been implemented seems to be a 180 degree change by Google regarding notifications.
+Kathleen Ko, it's a nice feature, but is it possible for us to get some finer control? For example, I always want to know when someone +Mentions or shares individually with me, only receive hangout invitations from my circles, and never want to receive invites to, or messages from, games.
Thank you Google for killing off Google+ :
Thank you Google for making Google+ go from spectacular to a deaf Social Network;
Great job making it impossible for me and pretty much anyone to contact a Google Community Manager or a distant acquaintance.
Impressive communication skills by defaulting an important setting like who can reach you to "extended circles" and not let users know about this via a proper notification (ironic even) ;
You do not alert users that they will not receive any more notifications in any form (they think it's the red thing only) once they set it to even smaller circles ;
Most of the users trying to tune up this new setting are gamers or users bothered with "notify this circle" spam (can we make that opt in, btw?) ;

So please reconsider and change the default to "anyone" instead, as we are not all @Robert Scobles or @will.i.ams

Circlees do what you know best, spread word 
The more user flexibilty in the settings the better say I.
I note the comments regarding somebody bad-mouthing your profile. Although I think the concern is valid, take confort from the following that recently occured on g+
A user posted that his pictures were being stolen by another and reposted as his own. Immediately his own circles rallied. Not only was the outcry compelling it was on the complainant's AND abuser's profile. There were many "Blocks" and "Complaints" filed against the abuser. In addition further mis-representations by the individual were spotted by others. The comlainant naturally felt a whole lot better, vallidated and if anything his reputation was enhanced. More importantly the offending material was removed.
My point is: a good network (and g+ is the makings of a very good network) will police itself from it's own community - Right (generally) does prevail!
Gaz since we are not related in anyway, and the default is set to extend circles, even if I did mention you here or in any other post, you won't receive any notification. So it's useless for people trying to reach others on a social network 
Well you are allowed to use the features as you see fit. I should be allowed to control how much I am spammed. I don't see the problem.

Maybe I don't understand what you want? If you want to reach me, circle m. If I find your public posts and your profile interesting I will circle you back. I will put you in a circle that is relevant and I will check it for interesting content. If you want to reach me directly then tag me or send me a directed message. All this is available.

If I circle you and you keep using notify to spam me then I will block you. I want to be able to not block people who are constantly notifying me for attention. I just want to tune out their notifications so I can choose whether or not to view content that is relevant to me.
You are totally missing my point.
It's not you having that control (I'm glad we do, even if right now I have mine set to anyone), but the fact that it's defaulted to extend, limiting the network to a much smaller scale and making it impossible for people that don't know each other to communicate.
Think of it like this:
It's like your phone carrier won't peer with mine, so we can't call each other. Only when you are in my circles will you be able to mention me.

This has nothing to do with notify this circle spam. The situation and severity of the blow to the entire social network eco system is much more deep than most people can think of.
With this like that, we are creating isolated islands of communication.
Is that really what you want? To not allow others to talk to you, about you, share with you?
If so either you guys are really bad web neighbors or I'm in the wrong network 
Check your defaults. The Google+ team apparently set it to "Extended Circles". So if your notification stream suddenly went quiet, that might be why. I thought it was because no one liked me anymore.

I agree with +Fernando Miguel. This feature seems designed for the celebrities instead of us ordinary people. The more I think about it the more it depresses me. What made Google+ so exciting originally was the level playing field. We interacted on equal footing with tech gurus, and the like. They discovered a level of engagement from their readers that they didn't get elsewhere. Now they can just spout their stuff and turn us off. We're back to one way broadcasting.
I don't miss the point. The default to extend is good. Those wanting to change it can. Opt in is the right way to run things, not force in like facebook.
The default was "anyone" and it changed without anyone knowing about it. I consider that wrong.
And setting it so limits our network reach a lot (and I have a large network, imagine new users).
But if you want to remain alone, feel free to do so. I'll ignore your mentions and keep posting what ever I feel is the right idea instead of listening to your feedback. 
BTW, I think notify is a great feature when used properly. I let my family and close friends notify me of their posts and stuff they think I may find interesting. I have a circle of G plusers that I have aged to have notifications from and some groups that use notifications, though I'd rather they didn't.

The problem is with volume. I an in one group with 1000+ people in it and if a quarter of them notified me of one post each day that is 250 notifications. That would drowned out notifications from my posts, conversations and tags. And tours just one group.

Circles, tags and searches are a fine set of features for content distribution and retrieval. Using notify to spam a large be group of people without their consent or interest is not cool.
Fernando, we are all free to use the feature as we want. Adults disagree all the time and discussion is always good. Being able to hear an opposing view with calm consideration and see if you own hold up in the light of other opinion is a great quality.

I'm trying to understand your need while talking about my opinion and experience. Please don't take offense, nine is intended.

I am typing with one finger on a small screen so being eloquent is not easy. I apologise if I have offended you.
No offense taken, hope for the same.
The point i've been trying to make clear, and seem to be failing is that this does not apply only to notify this circle.
It applies to ALL forms of contact.
If I now send you a direct message you will not receive it and I won't even know.
It's bad. Worse. It's evil and anal.
Cat plus > /dev/null 
+Kathleen Ko I'd like to see that I can set this individually for each reason/source of notification.
Why? If someone +talks about me, I'd like to know about everyone, same if tagging in photos. But I'd like to stop being notified if e.g. some random person out of my circles comments a post after I commented it without having to mute the post. _And especially: I don't want anybody to be able to bulk-notify me via "Notify about post".
As the first thing is a MUST HAVE for me, this update won't reduce notify-spam the smallest bit. :-/
Fernando, if that is the case, then it's a questionable feature ill conceived and not whats been talked about in the wider audience I am a part of.

It's hard to see on a handheld but I thought this was to limit the spam feature only.
My first thought: Great, exactly what I need. After looking at it, I cannot use it. It's currently "all or nothing" (for the notifications I currently get). G+ is all about circles and how circles represent completely different groups of people. Right now, I can only set "yes, all my circles can notify me" or "no, they cannot". I need to be able to choose circles that can notify me just like I can choose which circles are displayed in my profile via network visibility ("change who is visible here"). Control could be even more fine-grained, but selecting the circles will do for now. "All or nothing" doesn't help a lot...
P.S.: Before I forget: Thank you very much (Google) for adding new features that address some of our problems and concerns. It's interesting to see how new problems arise when new people join and I'm sure the experience will be even better in a few months...
Back at my desk now and can better see the whole post and comments. That'll teach me to use a handheld for long conversations like this.

+Fernando Miguel sorry for my confusion. I believe you are right and this is the type of "controls over who can send you notifications" that have been requested and it will limit our social circles. I am with +Fernando Miguel +M Sinclair Stevens and +David Prieto on the general principal.

+Kathleen Ko The only requests for notification control that I am aware of is that of the spam "notify about post" feature. It would be good if this had its own setting so that it could be controlled independently of "Who can send you notifications?"

Excuse all my comments. This is something that really needs addressing, hence the passion.
+Samuel Wood If you click the "View all" link in the Notification drop down, then you can view Notifications via the Notification stream. And there, you can choose which notifications that you want to see by type.

I realize this isn't a perfect workaround. Like Circles, I'd like to be able to default to one or more of my choosing rather than have the default be "All".
I'm still waiting for a feature that allows public posts to be hash tagged or something and a feature to follow specific hash tags from a person instead of following their entire public feed. Since people are to have one account, it's difficult for a person to follow someone with diverse interests. I may wish to hear +Kevin McGuire's posts about PSU football while having no interest in his Philly's baseball posts.
+std I dont think that is completely true. Have you tested it? Also why say stop when people have valid concerns that they want heard? I am missing many notifications now and I am set to Anyone.

It would be a much more useful feature if each notification type had a who_can_notify setting. As it is it's got limited value and it's limiting social interaction. So to me it doesn't seen so well worked out.

Just one guys opinion and I've been wrong before! (see earlier in this thread)
I still don't seem to be able to filter people out - I want to exclude, not include. "Extended Circles - except Joe Loudtalker." Joe can still be in my friends circle, I just want to mute him.
+Bill Brandt That's why I tell people to tell me what circle they want to be a part of! Problem solved! I'll just add you to my Penn State circle!
+Kevin McGuire Thanks. I appreciate that. But since it's so common for someone to have diverse interests and for the "follower" to only share one or two interests, it still would be nice though to have a system of hash-tagging for posts and a mechanism to say I want to see only these hash tags in my stream.
+Edmund Rojas Glad I wasn't the only one to notice this... Try &AmperTags in the meantime...
+Bill Brandt See post above - try &AmperTags, they work, but the search doesn't get dynamically updates (that I can see).
I hope this means that you can still +mention people who have not got you circled for important posts that relate to them... (such as Google staff members, for example)?
+Ellie Kennard Sure- they just may not get it or ever see it. Do you really think Vic Guntora wants notifications about every complaint on G+?
+Kathleen Ko Please consider a option to be added to disable animated GIFs to show up. I am fed up... Though I have uncircled many who post nothing but animated GIF but there are few who occasionally reshare from those few I uncircled... should I stop following everyone? No! a setting would be better!!!!! Please put this in todo list...
+Kathleen Ko people are blindly converting youtube movies to animated GIFs, a step back to stone age!!!
+Kathleen Ko while this setting for “Who can notify you” is really useful, there are a lot more tweaks that need to occur to make G+ a viable alternative to facebook for me. For instance, if I were to add a post-happy celebrity to my "following" circle, then his or her posts would literally flood my news feed preventing me from easily reading what my real life friends and family are posting. Why isn't there an option to exlude someone (or a circle) from appearing in the news feed? Or better yet, allow everyone in a specific circle to go to a separate news feed altogether? In that case I could have my usual high priority news feed, and another news feed for my "Acquaintances & Following" circles.
Thanks for the update ! I was waiting for something like this. Way too many game notifications in the non-game notification stream ! :)
I like this feature already, and I can see how it can help to enhance our user experience here on Google+. Many to the G+ Team!
no reply yet from +Kathleen Ko or any google+ dev?
yesterday i couldnt message a real life friend since he hadnt circle my new account. we were both trying to talk to each other and this setting made it impossible.
I come back here, and see a few more users +1 this awesome idea.
I was really wrong about Plus. I though it would be the Best Social Network, but no, it's just another centric, self indulging uni posting web blog, condemned to die just like MySpace.

keep on, making deaf hears, on your little belly, and neglecting the respect and opinions of others that try to talk to you.
Is there a way to filter my circle to see just those who have circled me back?
@sverre I'm aware of that. But I have over 1000 people in my incoming and visit it when the king has his birthday.
It would be impossible for me or any active user to spot a reply in useful time window there. 
en mi cuenta, no me aparece la segunda opción que menciona algo sobre quien puede iniciar una conversación conmigo...
Alguien sabe por que?
I have turned off every option on that page, but I still keep getting a notification every damn day that DK Matai is sharing a post with me. What can I do to stop this before I pull all my hair out?
thank you verry much
my country of myanmar.
myanmar internet line is verry verry no good
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