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Kathi Browne

General Discussion  - 
What are we/you doing about this? What are some of the approaches being taken (such as off-line servers, etc.)?

The healthcare system reports their administrative systems are infected with ransomware.
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Kathi Browne

General Discussion  - 
Any of you going to the ASCO Annual Meeting June 3-7, 2016?

If so, let's connect! I'll be there with my husband +Mark Browne 
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Kathi Browne

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My friend just started working at Blackberry Farm. So sad that the previous owner, Sam Beall died at such a young age. Glad to hear they're moving forward, despite the tragedy.
A coroner in Colorado ruled Blackberry Farm Proprietor Sam Beall’s death an accident. Beall died during a ski accident at Beaver Creek on Feb. 25.
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Kathi Browne

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William Blount High School has experienced some weird incidences lately. This time it was a partially dressed man who thought Smurfs were in the fire alarm!
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Kathi Browne

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ATTN Dog Owners

This poor dog lost his ears after a local groomer placed rubber bands on the ears!  awwwe
A Maryville, Tennessee dog owner didn’t know what was wrong with her little Maltese until she looked at the dog’s ears.
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Kathi Browne

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I'm sad that the City of  Maryville and Blount County aren't Airbnb friendly. Maybe some of the people in charge will read this article. I miss all those wonderful guests.

Several U.S. cities have been trying to regulate home-sharing service Airbnb, but some local and state officials in TN do not think Airbnb needs to be regulated in the state.
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Let me do some "research", +Kathi Browne  and I will get back to you...
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Kathi Browne

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Here:s some patient feedback for any if you docs who has a say in what post-surgical shoe your facility touts.

DARCO makes an adjustable MedSurg shoe that is a stylish black. The original DARCO shoe which seems to be used by every foot surgeon is uncomfortably flat and unnatural AND nobody wants to wear a baby blue shoe in public.
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Kathi Browne

News & Research  - 
What are the real stumbling blocks to moving toward personalized medicine?
This discovery strengthens the case for more personalized medicine.
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Kathi Browne

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Happy Mothers Day, y'all.
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Same to you

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Kathi Browne

Local Happenings  - 
It's good to live in Maryville! It's even better that this news came out right before we're ready to put our house on the market (woohoo!). 

And no, we're not moving away. As empty nesters, we're ready to have fewer than 5 bedrooms! (Anybody looking for a really nice home in a kid-friendly neighborhood?)
Maryville is the 6th safest city in the state of Tennessee according to
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Kathi Browne

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Can anyone help them out?
Would appreciate some SEO advice  ...

We're trying to become digitally visible to our local community. However, our website doesn't show up on search results. What are we doing wrong? (Our website has a permanent redirect to a free site our district provided, -- could this be penalizing us?)

- set up a Google Dashboard and associated our website to it.
- switched to a mobile friendly WordPress theme
- tied our various accounts (G+, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook) 
   to each other where possible
- added our website address wherever we could
- verified our profile with Google (we do appear on Google Local now)
- generate content and even use "Add Meta Tag" plug-in
- claimed our organization name whereever we could at no cost
   (we're not for profit)
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Thanks +Nabil M​
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Kathi Browne

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Final Cut Pro Help Appreciated
Anyone well-versed in Final Cut Pro? I'm trying to create a video for a church service and I can't figure out how to "reduce volume of other clips" like I do in iMovie.

I don't want to simply increase the volume of the overlayed clips, but rather reduce the volume of the music when clips have people talking.

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+Kathi Browne, you might try using Levelator to create uniform audio for your video.

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  • Bowling Green State University
    BFA in Creative Writing, 1982 - 1985
  • Wright State University
    Accounting, 1987 - 1987
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Kathi Corl, wingspouse, browneknows, cleverkibitzer, KathiBrowne
Healthcare Social Media Consultant & Glass Community Leader
I am a social media consultant, specializing in healthcare communications, and founder of Healthcare Talk and Healthcare Glass Explorers communities on Google+. I have a indepth knowledge of current social platforms and a strong grasp of how patient privacy (HIPAA) plays into such communication. My company, BrowneKnows Social Media, has been evangelizing social communication in healthcare for many years through blog posts, tweetchats, community moderation, Google+ hangouts, and YouTube playlists.

As a community leader and hangout host, I facilitate broadcast discussions on a variety of healthcare topics and share them with my communities (check out my YouTube channel). 
As a Helpout provider, I am available online to provide advice on healthcare-related marketing, communications, and social media.

I specialize in building communities that serve both patients and healthcare providers. I also introduce a variety of social tools and technology to help healthcare organizations work smarter, increase visibility, and establish a reputation in the market. I am especially knowledgeable in Google+ and make a conscious effort to keep a pulse on where social is headed rather than where it has been.

Did I mention that Google named me as one of the ten founding Glass Community Leaders for my efforts in building the Healthcare Glass Community? Some fascinating things are happening in healthcare technology!

I am also a published author about Twitter, a curious explorer or Pinterest, a harsh critic of Facebook, a participant on Quora, a leverager of LinkedIn, and a big fan of Google+!

I don't believe anything is boring. In fact, I can have fun doing just about anything!

Oh yeah... I have a degree in creative writing with a minor in art. With one class left to complete a dual major, my professor drew on my picture with a green sketching pencil. I refused to take another class from him, and graduated early instead. That was in 1985 and I haven't forgiven him yet. lol

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I was diagnosed with prosopagnosia (face blindness) by Dr. Oliver Sacks. Because I feel handicapped trying to recognize familiar faces in a crowd, I often change my own appearance to throw people off. The rest of the time, I treat everyone like a close friend, because they might be.
Healthcare Social Media Consultant
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  • Wingspouse Consulting
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    I introduced the wingspouse concept to leadership couples who wanted to improve communication using spouses, social media, and more.
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