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Kathi Browne
Healthcare Social Media Consultant & Glass Community Leader
Healthcare Social Media Consultant & Glass Community Leader

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Just canceled my airbnb account ... the Super Bowl commercial was the last straw.

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Hey friends, a Retired Marine buddy of mine just told me about a 100% disabled vet that needs just a little help with repairing his HVAC system via GoFundMe.

Here's the story & link... please help if you can, please share it either way.

Thank you!

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A career alternative to clinical practice? Who saw this coming and will this give him more opportunity to also weigh in on Healthcare reform? 

I'm involved with an effort to build a group of lay volunteers (not necessarily medically trained people) to help underserved get connected to community services. Does anyone have examples of:

Tools or Criteria to identify and evaluate people who make good patient liasons/navigators (personalities, skills, connections, knowledge)

Training and Education materials to prepare people to work with others who need social services and other help (whether communication skills, trust building, safety tips, barrier identification, etc.)

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What happened in our country that people think it's okay to lash out at those who protect us? Eventually we're all impacted.

Today Blount county laid to rest one of our own. Proud of how our local folks have shown support. 

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Outside of journals and professional organizations, where do you get your medical news?

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Could Old Cures Be Key to Defeating Super Bugs
We hear a lot about antibiotic resistance. I just listened to a fascinating podcast that I wanted to share. It's just food for thought, but it was so interesting.

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After the CDC admitted last year's flu vaccine was mostly ineffective, people are starting to refuse getting vaccinated. How will this effect healthcare sites where vaccinations are mandatory? Have any of you seen pushback this year?

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Our neighbors had a car broken into and they caught a glimpse of the possible thief on camera. Does anyone recognize this guy? His clothing choice is rather unique.

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After reading about businesses cashing in on this new +Pokémon GO craze, I decided to see if I could make it work for me too.

When my young adult son asked if we could do dinner together, I suggested we walk the trails and look for Pokémon. He bit! Now I have a new walking partner and he's none the wiser!!!
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