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Curious to know what you're telling your own kids about the whole Lance Armstrong debacle. Here's how we're handling it in our house. #parenting   #lancearmstrong  
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Great article +Katherine Stone my kids are too young to know the story but they love their bikes and need real role models.  We talk about honestly a lot and the most difficult part is admitting when you are wrong.  Teaching kids this part is so important, because we all make mistakes.  Sometimes kids really don't feel, at a young age, that everyone messes up, and they don't know how to handle it.  Thanks for the article!
Not telling them much of anything except to not judge because we really don't know if Lance is just admitting to a lie in order o compete or if he really doped - we don't know. I would rather focus on his LIVESTRONG legacy. Him beating testicular cancer is more important to me that this other stuff. Period.
Oops forgot to include that I have always told my girls that there is nothing wrong with admitting when you are wrong.
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