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This is what I did last Sunday!  Planted 155 cloves for harvesting next summer and my house garlic is considered a vegetable, which is probably why I'm so healthy!  I plant hard-neck Muzik, which is an excellent large clove garlic which stores well!  Enjoy!
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Did you plant hardneck garlic?
one of the beautiful things about living 30 minutes from gilroy is that in the spring and fall you can smell the garlic fields :D
I hear that hardnecks grow better and bigger in the West with it's shorter growing season.
+Lynn Myre Yes, they do, but you must plant them in the Fall and overwinter them...they are cold-hardy and around August or September of next year they are ready!  Garlic takes a full 6 months in the ground to produce really well. 
Where do you get the planting stocks?
Thank you Katherine for the information. I am bookmarking the site.
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