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Aaah! The update just hit.
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I'll say. Not as bad as FB's Timeline, though.
A much preferable update in comparison with Facebook timeline.
Are you pretty new to G+? Wondering if you got the new look right off the bat. If you're seeing a whole lot of white space on the right half of your screen, that's it.
Yes, actually; I am, indeed new to G+. I do seem to have a lot of white space on the right-hand side of my page. I began a G+ account because one of my computers (netbook--MSI Wind U100-432US) has Linux Mint 11 Lxde "Katya" installed on it. I can video-chat using Linux on G+, unlike when I use Facebook. I'm sorta new to Linux, too.
Ah, well welcome, and it sounds like you were spared the transition!
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