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"Windows 8's Metro UI presents a clean and spiffy new interface for Microsoft's latest OS. But one of the operating system's oldest and most hated problems — crapware — still lurks below the surface. For instance, the Acer Aspire 7600U is an all-in-one that, at $1,900, is hardly a bargain-basement PC. And yet as shipped it includes over 50 pieces of OEM and third-party software pre-installed, much of which simply offer trials for paid services."

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Crapware is the scourge of Windows PCs.

My last Sony laptop had an option of a 'clean' install, and I took it.
Even worse, to get the command line interpreter (CMD.EXE) requires logging in as the Administrator.  The "Picture Password" login process does not make things any easier.  What is wrong with simply typing in a password?  Even a slight variation in the drawing will cause you to be locked out of your own system.  This is crapware in itself.
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