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If you fancy trying something other than Windows, why not give Linux a whirl? We test drive eight popular distros, with the help of our readers
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Mint is my current favourite  but I'm trying Elementary's Juno at the moment and it's pretty nice (if you like an OS X style interface).
Wait, there are other distros!? Wow! ;)
nobody talks about Crunchbang, it's the best Debian installer even made
+Paulo Silva I've talked about CrunchBang. A LOT.  As much as I like it's minimalism and sheer speed, I don't care for the prevailing thread of Debian pragmatism which holds back an otherwise 'great' Distro.  Debian package management on a 2-year cycle is simply unacceptable in today's frenetic, ever-changing world of computer technology.

They've staged 'Waldorf' for production release in December, based on Debian 'Wheezy', which uses Linux kernel 3.2. is now merging Linux 3.7.  WTF.
i'm so sorry +Dietrich Schmitz , i forgot saying "almost" before "nobody" :D - i also talk a lot about Crunchbang! - my surprise there is, for example, how their forum support is far better than Mint (at least in my opinion )
and yes, Debian has this serious outdated-vs-stability dilemma 
The sub-article on Gentoo is a bit misleading, not the article's author's intention I'm sure.

Any SysAdmin worth his/her salary knows exactly what's running inside the irons in the data center. By employing virtualization and general hardware classification, he/she can easily arrive at 2-3 sets of performance tuning parameters that allows uniformity of deployment.

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