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Just solved an algebra equation that had stumped my 7th grade son. Heh. You've still got it, Mom.  ;)
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+Dietrich Schmitz Heh, better stand back!  ;)
+Grey Geek Hah yes, a very good question!  (I am a former teacher myself.)  This was actually just one of many problems, and I think going through it together is helping him tackle the rest himself.  (And, to be honest, I think he was mostly suffering from 'Thanksgiving Brain' -- it was not difficult.  But I'm still taking full credit!  ;)
+Grey Geek Yes trying to teach loved ones adds an extra dimension of complication!
And I wonder why the phenylalanine doesn't slow down all those crazy Black Friday shoppers?  Me, I'd rather mark the occasion with a nice nap.  ;)
they get adrenalin that kinda suppresses melatonin..
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