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+Patrick Archibald posted this earlier too +Katherine Noyes

We were discussing the specs:

11.6-inch display
Over over 3.5 hours of battery life.
Celeron Duo 847 processor, based on the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. Clock speed of 1.10GHz
Intel Celeron Duo processor
Fast—boots up in 18 seconds
Resumes instantly
Plays 1080p,
320GB hard drive
100GB of free storage on Google Drive for two years
Weighs 1.38 kilograms
25 millimeters thick
HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) port and a Secure Digital card slot.
No info from Acer as to whether it will introduce 3G or LTE connectivity in C7.

Battery life is a little on the short side but then it's probably just over $200 delivered (should be $AU150 when sold here :)))) so it's a little hard to criticise.

I'm curious as to its performance in the real world. Guess I'll have to wait to see how it does.

My MIL (Mother-In-Law) was told to buy a Macbook by her daughter (her and the husband are Mac users). She uses e-mail , browses the web and looks at photos. The sum total of her 'puter using. My FIL (Father-in-Law) is exactly the same and has a $490 Windows laptop.

These are the very people these devices would suit.
I'm not planning to have one, but I really think is good to have a new machine, powered by Linux, cheap but (hopefully) good.
You (users) tell me!  ;-)
Sure, and as it is x86, one can put whatever Linux distro he/she feels right.
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