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+Katherine Noyes What's holding Dell back from rolling out multiple Ubuntu SKUs?  

Does Microsoft have Dell and other OEMs in a headlock with NDA cloaked restrictive, unfair trade, anti-trust terms.

Would love to read a copy of their contract.
I would love to know why Dell presented it at UDS-Q in May, then sat on it for 6 months before releasing it for sale.
+Alan Bell It is really a narrowly targeted unit.  Low volume if the price doesn't come down.  Microsoft may not care if Dell only sporadically sells an SKU here, there that don't compete with their product lines.
yeah, it is targeted at early adopters. Very precisely, and back in May I was dead excited at this top of the range awesome laptop. Now I can get equivalent spec for half the money (no joke, just bought one last week with similar numbers for half the price), it still isn't available in the UK, and I am not excited by the specification any more as there are loads out there with a similar featureset. It isn't a premium early adopter laptop any more, but it certainly was when they first showed it.
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