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TOO EXPENSIVE! And worst: I heard US$ 50 over the same with windows???????!!!!!
+Gonzalo Velasco C. I saw that headline too, but I believe the Windows model has half the RAM (4GB instead of 8 in this one). FWIW... 
Ahhhhhhhhh, that's another story, then, +Katherine Noyes. Thanks (sharp as usual).
Nevertheless, Dell is too expensive and breaks too much times. I'll chose a Sony out of quality, if I have the $$ and the will to buy a "branded and famous" machine.
Yeah, and what about outside the US..... we should have the option too.
I kind of know, +Grey Geek. My wife has a very slow Vaio Dual core with :-P W-Vista...  Anyway, Sony USED to be better than Dell and the price less unfair.
But I guess nowadays everything is made in the far east, in sweat shops (may God have mercy on us) and the best brand and the worst are too close to each other in terms of reliability and durability. It's sad.
What to say about Toshiba!  :-O

What about Lenovo?
My netbook is Gateway, by the way. Quite nice. But it's all own by Acer, now, right? Aver is not that good either... I got one years ago, and have used some friends' too.

They say, today Apple has the best hardware (they still care!). So let's buy one, format it, and instal *buntu :-D
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