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Perfect timing. I installed this on my Windows box on the weekend and was lamenting that I could not put it on Linux.
Eric D
Cool, cant wait to give this a shot.
Is this opensource? Not interested in a closed source solution - Spice and NX provide caching and acceleration features and are (predominately) F/LOSS solutions
Get it running on Mint 14 and my N7. Not sure ill ever use it though.
Yeah I am struggling to see the use case here. VNC, SPICE and NX + good old X11 forwarding all provide for remote desktop applications all built in with a widely supported and distributed client base. Not sure exactly what Splashtop is bringing to the table.
Teamviewer is proprietary and requires an expensive license to use in a commercial environment.

VNC is almost ALWAYS paired with some form of transport layer encryption in the real world. IIRC the inbuilt security in tightvnc (lets be specific there are several vnc implementations so talking about "VNC" security is murky") is just TLS/SSL - which makes it no less or more secure than your on-line banking.

Team-viewer is also completely useless in a headless environment where there is no X server present - it is also statically compiled blob, and plain doesn't run on any arch other than x86 arch.

As for SPICE - it is an abstraction layer which effectively provides for arbitary resources to be exported over a network. It is the basis of KVM hypervisors inbuilt remote desktop functionality, and is promising up and coming technology that simply miles ahead of image caching approaches/redraw methods, VNC/RDP etc use.

Think of SPICE as what RDP promised to be but failed to deliver.
Waited it for a long long time....
D Heck
Perfect timing! 
I'm looking forward to their Linux client since mostly I need to remote into other people's Windows computers.

In the mean time, Chrome Remote Desktop works well except that someone on the shared end has to click on a 'continue' button every 5 or 10 minutes to keep the session alive.
D Heck
Right now there's only 32- and 64-bit builds for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I kinda get the feeling, they're only going to be updating for the LTS version.
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