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Another very good article Katherine. We are such a spoiled and complaining lot. 9 out of 10 users are stuck with what they get from 2 companies and those 2 don't change often. Us Linux users can switch every time we log in. And we have some quite different options now, not just a bunch of things that have very few differences.

And yet you'd think this is some huge issue. We can be get very full of ourselves. I for one am excited that Enlightenment has a new release later this month. Not that another option for the same thing that dominated for years is going to be available. I like having multiple environments I can use. Some have strengths in one area or another but sometimes I just like to change it up. Imagine that.

I have Ubuntu to use but it no longer dominates as my definite first choice. I like Chakra and KDE since it's beautiful and gives me new things to learn. And I like having a sand box to try all manner of other things in. This week it's SnoLinux using E17 since I'm getting prepped for the new release. It's great to have choices.

I soft link everything to a shared partition for my documents, projects, etc. It doesn't matter what I use. I get to develop skills with a bunch of environments and technologies. I get to have a look and feel of my choice and I'm not locked in. I have the best of all worlds to a degree and there isn't much of my life I can say that about.
Nice writings, once again. And, don't fix if ain't broken. ;-)
It's funny how people complain about the usability in Gnome-shell when it has not only the same abilities as Gnome2 but actually can more. Yes, it's different but to use that as a point is just wrong. Different doesn't automatically mean bad.

This show only one thing.. which is that people in general are afraid of change.

Yes, I do not agree on some parts that have changed.. like the removal of tree-view.. but over-all they are doing the right thing in my mind.
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