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Ehehehehe, brought to you by the same persons who created the "Smoked by windows" Challenge...
In the world of tablets, Android is available on even the least expensive of tablets (example being $48.00 for a 4.3-inch Polaroid tablet available at Big Lots) as well as on fancier tablets such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab series, whereas iOS is available only on the iPad series, and whereas Windows 8 tablets are available only on pricier tablets (and the Surface, of which the basic model costs TWICE what I paid for my laptop).

If you are on a no-contract plan (aka prepaid) plan, Android is your only option for a smartphone.  All Windows Phone models (as well as the iPhone models) REQUIRE a two year contract (subject to credit approval).

Now THAT is a #windowsrage.
That is what you get for negative campaigning. 
+Alessandro Ebersol With their market share... they don't even have a glass house... that is why they are throwing stones.
Yeah, but their others products are a lousy glass house...
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