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This is bad because is a feature and because it would spread ;-)
Better avoid some social networks!
"oh cool, so i don't have to like login, to check in"

i imagine it will take an atrocity for people to start taking their privacy seriously. 
This should be called the rob me while I'm away from home app.

>the hotel is now set to feature similar technology that recognizes guests’ fingerprints and automatically updates their Facebook profiles.
really weird - let's just boycott this hotel! 
I quit Facebook, but I still have G+. I don't have any evidence, but I feel like Google is more respectful of your personal info and more transparent with how it uses your info than Facebook. That's just a feeling, though. I don't remember what their privacy policy says.
Well I find it very creepy that I left Facebook close to a year ago and they're still sending me messages asking if I know particular people, or claiming that I have friend requests.  What part of "delete account" do they not understand?
i think they will only "understand" when forced to
fun was when they removed my birthday there when they found that (by a script on their servers, or something like?) i added, for fun, an activity 20 years before i born! they are really ludicrous! :D
i can imagine - i have a friend 15 years younger than me that her account says she is 112 years old now! :D
+Katherine Noyes did you really delete your account or did you deactivate it while thinking you were deleting it?
+Daniel Veazey Well it was a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure I took pains to follow directions for the right way to do it -- I remember hearing that distinction being made.
As far as I know, in FB you CANNOT delete your account once and for all. It remains there to be reactivated anytime...  nasty! X-(
+Gonzalo Velasco C. I seem to remember that it remains there in limbo for a limited time, but after that it gets deleted if you haven't logged in in the meantime.
Oof, OK I guess I'd better look into this further. Thought I had done it right, but it sounds like maybe something more is needed.  Thank you all!  :)
This conversation has also led me to install Do Not Track Plus for Chrome. Thanks, +Grey Geek 
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