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Scientific an academic packages are a BIG thing in FLOSS and one of the things making GNU/Linux more popular in universities. If this software gets a FLOSS version, better for them and us!
I don't doubt. But if I have R, Labplot, SciLab and other things for free in Linux, why should I pay for Mathematica 9?
+Gonzalo Velasco C. If you are happy with your setup than there is no reason to get Mathematica. I, and I imagine +Katherine Noyes on the other hand prefer mathematica. For me it is well worth the money for having a really comprehensive and integrated platform. I used to use python and R a lot but got tired of hunting for packages to get what I needed done. Also the simple GUI creation stuff in Mathematica is simply amazing, something I use everyday for my work and would miss it greatly if I were to go back to the oss stuff.
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